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MJX Bugs 5W 4K Quadcopter Review


MJX Bugs 5W 4K Quadcopter Review

Looking for a drone that comes with great features, an amazing look and also at a great price? Then, your search might stop here because the MJX Bugs 5W 4K Quadcopter could be the perfect one for you. This drone comes with an amazing 4K camera stabilised by a 1-axis gimbal that will help you create high quality videos and photos. It also has a very beautiful design, a great flight time and many flight modes that will offer you an unforgettable flight experience. 

Following this article you will find out all the necessary information about the MJX Bugs 5W 4K Quadcopter, in order to make sure that this drone is the one you are looking for. So let’s begin


First of all, we will talk about this drone’s packaging. When you are purchasing this drone for the first time you will be surprised to see that it comes along with a large variety of accessories that will be very useful for you in the future and it will also help you save some money. The drone comes in its beautiful personalized box and inside of it you will find the drone itself along with 3 batteries, its remote controller, a charger, a phone holder, a screwdriver, spare propellers , removable stick and the user manual. Having so many spare parts you will not have to worry about paying extra money after you purchase your drone.

Design and built-in

The MJX Bugs 5W 4K Quadcopter has an interesting design that offers it a professional look, pretty similar with Walkera Vitus’s design, but it has its personal touch of uniqueness. It has a beautiful black color that makes it look even more professional. Being a quadcopter it has 4 rotor arms which end up with 4 brushless motors that will offer it a perfectly smooth flight. Above its rotor arms you can find its landing pads, which will offer a soft landing for your drone and they will also protect the camera from posible hits. Also above its rotor arms you will find 4 LED lights that will help you a lot especially when you are flying the drone in darker areas.


The MJX Bugs 5W 4K Quadcopter is made out of high quality ABS plastic that makes it tough and very resistant against damages. So you will not have to worry about the small accidents that will occur while you are flying the drone because everything will be intact. 

The 4K camera is situated in the front side of the drone, offering you a wide angle to capture the best videos and photos. An interesting aspect about this camera is that it is removable, so you can carry the drone easily. In the back of the drone you will also find a very useful micro SD slot, that will help you to store the videos and photos that you take. 


One of the most important aspects about this drone is its camera. The MJX Bugs 5W 4K Quadcopter offers a powerful 1080P HD camera that captures amazing photos and videos with a high level of detail. So, if you are thinking about increasing your aerial photography or videography skill, this drone might be the best one to practice on. Another great accessory that helps this drone get higher quality content is its 1-axis gimbal system, that helps the camera to be more stable in order to offer smooth and clear photos and videos. You can also rotate the gimbal using the drone’s remote controller in order to get better angles. If you are looking for higher quality footage you should use the drone’s flight modes which we are going to talk about later. 

Remote controller

The remote controller of this drone has an interesting design. It has a professional look due to its rounded form and its black color. It is pretty easy to use, being a perfect match if you are a beginner drone user.


An important feature about this controller is that it provides a strong connection with the drone because it uses advanced two-way wireless technology. It also has a place, specially designed for the phone holder. You can place your phone there in order to get a much easier control over your drone.

 The controller also provides intelligent control with comfortable vibration signals in order to offer a pleasant piloting experience for its users. 

Flight performance 

The MJX drones offer amazing flight experiences for its users since they appeared on the market. So there is no doubt that the MJX Bugs 5W 4K Quadcopter will do the same. It is a very easy to control drone, that offers a very precise flight and also it has an amazing speed offered by its brushless motors.

The drone has a built-in GPS module that helps the drone communicate with the satellites in order to get a more precise hovering position and smoother flight. A very important advantage of this drone is that it comes with 3 batteries, each of them offer a flight time of 15 minutes. So, this drone will give you a total flight time of 45 minutes, being perfect for creating impressive photo and videos content or also to practice your flying skills on it. 

Another great advantage of this drone is that it offers lots of flight modes that will help its user get a better and safer flight experience and also the qualities of the photos and videos can be better using these flight modes. 

Orbit mode 

In order to use this mode, you have to select an object using the drone’s app and the drone will start making a circle around it. It is a perfect mode for creating impressive video footage, that you can impress your friends with. 

Follow me mode 

This is an amazing feature, perfect for sport enthusiasts or for video creators. Same as in orbit mode, you have to select the object and the drone will start following that specific object maintaining a decent distance from it.

Tap fly 

This mode is perfect for obtaining better photography angles. You have to simply draw a path on the drone’s app, and the drone will start following it so you can focus better on taking the best photos 

Return home 

Returning home functions is one of the best functions to have in order to make sure that you will not lose your drone.  You can activate this mode using the button on the controller. Press the button and the drone will fly back to you. The same will happen if your drone runs out of battery. So you don’t have to worry about losing your drone. 


To sum up this, we consider that MJX Bugs 5W 4K Quadcopter is an impressive drone, that features great built in components it also has an amazing camera and due to its great intelligent flight modes that this drone comes with, makes it a perfect choice for every beginner drone enthusiast who is looking for an improvement of his piloting skills. Comparing it with the other drones at its price range we can say that this drone is one of the best you can find. 

If this drone captured your attention and you are interested in purchasing it you can find it a great price on Amazon.

FAQ: MJX Bugs 5W 4K Quadcopter 

Question: Do you sell just the camera?


We do not sell camera of Bugs 5W drone separately, it’s sold together with the whole drone. Expect to get your understanding. Thank you!

Question: SD card is blank?


You need to purchase an SD card. Format it first

Question: will it work with 4g?


Here, 5G does not refer to the network 4g your phone use, but the connection between the drone and the phone, using 5G WiFi connection.

1. For Apple iOS system, please turn to Apple store, search “Bugs GO” or scan the QR code to download the software.

2. For Android system, please scan the “Google play” or scan the QR code to search “Bugs Go”in “Google play” to download the software.

3. Please make sure that your mobile device supports 5G WIFI before linking Bugs Go to your device.

Ok, reach us (edtechinccustomerservice@outlook.com), we will send you more detailed instruction in advance. Just enjoy it!

More Q&A

Question: Can this drone work with a samsung galaxy j sky pro


since your names the same as my moms I can probably answer your question. Or maybe not. I have a galazy s8 that does not work with the bugs 5w. I had to use my old phone. Samsung s7. try another phone if it don’t work. remember the phone does not need to have service to work. I was very surprised to use a phone that I don’t even use as a cell phone anymore. hope that info helps.

Question: How fast can it fly?


Max Speed: 60km/h

Question: Whats the range between drone and transmitter.


Bugs 5W is amazing for experienced pilots with its advanced Brushless Motors, 1080P WiFi Camera, and 2.4 GHz Two-Way Communication technology, it means the flight will be more powerful and reliable, the image quality will be more excellent, and the control range is up to 500m.

Mjx b5w Drone Images Transmission Distance

1080P zero-latency real-time images transmission & 200-300 meters FPV distance

Price-performance ration
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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