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Traxxas QR-1 Indoor Quadcopter Review


Traxxas QR-1 Indoor Quadcopter Review

Are you looking for a drone that is pretty resistant to small crashes and it is also easy to control? 

Then, you can stop searching because the Traxxas QR-1 Indoor Quadcopter might be the perfect one for you. It might look tinny and fragile, but this drone can withstand crash after crash, being perfect for every beginner. Due to its small size, it better to fly it indoors, but you can also fly it outdoors. Just make sure that the weather conditions are proper for that.

If this drone caught your attention and you want to find more about it, follow this article until the end. We are going to present every small detail related to its performance, design, and built-in components. So, you can decide if it is the right one for you. So, let’s begin.


First thing first, we are going to discuss about the drone’s packaging. When you will purchase the Traxxas QR-1 Indoor Quadcopter you will receive it in its beautiful branded box. Inside the box you will find the drone itself along with its remote controller. More than that, you will find the AAA batteries, 2 x 1S Li-Po batteries, an extra set of propellers, the USB charger and the user manual. 


As we can see above, the Traxxas QR-1 Indoor Quadcopter has a lot to offer. This is a great aspect that will help you save money on spare parts in the future. 

Design and built-in

Traxxas QR-1 Indoor Quadcopter comes with a very beautiful and joyfull design. It has a professional look being pretty similar to the XK X251 Racing Quadcopter. In my opinion it looks slightly better. 

The drone measures 120 x 28 x 120 mm, and weights only 33 gg. Due to its small size and light weight, transporting it should not represent a problem. An impressive advantage offered by this drone is the excellent manufacturer support. The drone comes with a warranty that gives you the permission to replace some parts of it when needed. More than that, you can also trade your current drone with other model for half price. 

Another great aspect about this drone is that it is an RTF model. So, you will simply have to take it out of the box, place its batteries and you can enjoy your first flight.

Battery and flight time 

The small quadcopter comes along with 2 1S Li-Po batteries which will offer you 5 minutes of flight each one. So, you will get a total flight time of around 10 minutes. You can also purchase more batteries if you are looking for an even longer experience. The great aspect about these batteries is that they can charge really fast. The charging time for one battery is 30 minutes, and you can charge it at your laptop.  

For a drone at its size and also at this price range, we can say that it offers a great flight time. It will offer lots of fun to you and your friends for sure. 

Traxxas-QR-1-Indoor-Quadcopters- 4-colors

Flight experience 

Traxxas QR-1 Indoor Quadcopter offers an amazing flight experience being very easy to control. Even if you are a beginner, you can easily learn and get used to it. The drone is very responsive and it has a great stability.

The 6-axis stabilization help the drone increase its stability in order to offer the best results. The drone also has an expert flight mode that you can use if you are a more experienced drone pilot. In this mode you can perform 360 degrees stunts and many other tricks and flips. Also, by using the expert mode the drone’s speed encreases and it response rate becomes way faster. 

Due to its 2.4GHZ radio control the range of control over the drone is amazing. You will not have any problems with the frequency between the transmitter and te quadcopter. Also, by using the drone remote controller you can switch between the normal and expert modes. 

You can enjoy both indoor and outdoor flying with this drone. But, we recommend you to opt-in for the indoor more, because due to its lightweight it can be easily blown away. 


In conclusion, we can highly recommend this drone to every beginner, but also for more experienced users as well. Its is a really affordable drone with great specifications and components that will offer lots of fun to its users. Flying it is great, being eary to control and very responsive also. More than that, you can enjoy its amazing stunts in order to impress your friends and family. 
If you want to purchase this small drone, you can find it on their website, Traxxas.com.

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traxxas-qr-1-indoor-quadcopter-review Traxxas QR-1 Indoor Quadcopter Review Are you looking for a drone that is pretty resistant to small crashes and it is also easy to control?  Then, you can stop searching because the Traxxas QR-1 Indoor Quadcopter might be the perfect one for you. It might look...


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