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Wltoys V959 Quadcopter Review


Wltoys V959 Quadcopter Review

WL Toys are well known for the line of  Quadcopters, to be specific the v929, v939, v949, and v202. But they are also making semi-professional drones like the Wltoys XK X1. Every one of these quads has various styles and flight qualities, permitting the purchaser to pick specifically for their proposal and flying style. The Wltoys V959 Quadcopter model tracks with this topic and is planned and tuned to convey an installed camera or other more toy-like frills (bubble producer, raise, froth rockets). 


  • The diameter of the propeller: 145 mm
  • Dimensions: 190 x 190 x 80 mm / 305 x 305 x80 mm (Battleship PRO)
  • Weight without battery: 65 g
  • Battery: Lithium Polymer, 3.7V with a capacity of 500mAh
  • Charging time: 40-60 minutes
  • Flight time: 10 minutes
  • Range: 100-150 meters
  • Video resolution: 640 x 480
  • Frame rate: 30fps / s
  • Picture Resolution: 1280×960
  • Operating Frequency: 2.4Ghz
  • Maximum height: 90-100 m
  • Power Supply: 6 AA batteries

What’s in the box?

The WLToys V959 Quadrocopter


Li-polymer battery 500mAh

Mini camera

Set of spare propellers

Remote control (batteries included do not go)

MicroSD Memory Card 2 GB

Users Manual

Card reader for memory cards


Design and build

First of all, this little quad weighs just 97 grams. It is comparative in size to different quads in this class of toy quadcopters like the Hubsan X4 and the Syma X1. These small quadcopters are usually made from ABS plastic, which is light and durable. So it’s just perfect for the purpose. The drone has a big, removable body, with 4 really thin arms. At the end of each arm, there is a motor that is quite powerful and gives enough power for the drone.


WLToys planned this quad to be generally steady, which makes it simple to learn to fly. Our standard guidance is, to begin with, a quadcopter that you wouldn’t fret destroying. Anyway an amateur could make this model work as their first quad. We would recommend evacuation of the camera frill until the client gets acquainted with the quadcopter flight attributes. It would likewise be to the novices favorable position to begin their exercises outside. In an open space with extremely low breezes and a delicate surface. This will give your drone a battling chance on making it to the second stage when you are prepared to take your recordings! 

This review won’t go into the essentials of quadcopter flight. See our different articles just as different sources on the web for more detail on average transmitter activity. The V959 utilizes an average mode 2 (left choke) plan in which the left stick gives the speed of the props (lift). Furthermore turns the quad on its a pivot (yaw), while the correct stick gives pitch. that is, inclining the quad forward, in reverse or sideways, which generally makes it fly that way! 

The catches on the transmitter perform different capacities, some for the camera and others identifying with the quadcopter flight attributes. Generally significant for this audit are the catches close to the 40,60,80 and 100% portrayals on the LCD. These settings decide the forcefulness of the controls. So novices should begin with the settings in their most minimal and possibly venture up if and when they need to (heavier breeze, tumbling, quicker forward speed, and so forth). Since this is a video stage, the most minimal settings are probably going to imply that your end results won’t give the crowd movement ailment! Just the really trying administrator will dare to utilize the “flip” button and 100%. Such use shouts out for utilizing an alternate model of the quad. 



The capacity to take recordings the single main motivation that shoppers would purchase this quad. So it merits investigating the included camera. The camera alongside its mount and microSD card weighs around 10 grams. It is significantly lighter than the well-known Keychain cams. It slides into place from the back of the airplane and is taken out along these lines. The focal point is pivoted so it can point anyplace from about straight (level) with the quadcopter to 45 degrees down. An element that additionally gives a preferred position over the Keychain Cams. The quadcopter’s battery controls The V959 Camera. And its included 2G MicroSD card should hold around 18 minutes complete. A USB stick remembered for the bundle will move the (.avi) video documents to your PC. 

Because of cost and plan limitations, the camera is the low goal, simply 640×480. However, gives 60 casings each second (60 fps), which appears to help settle the recordings fairly. 

The camera can take still pics or recordings, contingent upon what capacity button (on the Transmitter) you press. On my (US) duplicate, the activity is as per the following: 


The WL Toys V959 is a regular quad. It offers you a cheap insight into the quadcopter world. We give it a beginners rate, because it has a relatively low motor, and it’s very easy to control. You won’t be able to use it for sport flying nor professional photography. 

But overall the V959 is very steady and agreeable, which is best for video. The rate settings on the transmitter take into consideration more forceful moves. However, be careful, the subsequent recordings are probably going to give you and your crowd movement affliction. The key to a great quad video is for the art to remain as still as possible.
If you want to purchase the Wltoys V959 Quadcopter you can find it on Amazon or Amazon.

Price-performance ration
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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wltoys-v959-quadcopter-revie Wltoys V959 Quadcopter Review WL Toys are well known for the line of  Quadcopters, to be specific the v929, v939, v949, and v202. But they are also making semi-professional drones like the Wltoys XK X1. Every one of these quads has various styles and flight...


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