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Blade Mach 25 FPV Racing Quadcopter Review

Blade Mach 25 FPV Racing Quadcopter from above

By now, we have been used to 250-class quadcopters that mostly looked like they were assembled in a garage. Well, Blade seems to have decided to put this to an end, with their Blade Mach 25 FPV Racing Quadcopter. This model is more out of the ordinary in its class, as it has a more finished product look than its companions with naked counterparts and exposed wires. Even so, the looks are not everything about this model.

Size (L x W x H)210 x 210 x 80 mm
Weight505 gr
CameraSpektrum 25mW Ultra Micro Airborne FPV
Battery11.1V 1350mAh LiPo
Flight time4 or more minutes

Blade Mach 25: Design

With a first look at the Blade Mach 25, the impression is that it looks like a F1 toy racing car. Which is not really something we can complain about, considering it is a much more polished look than what we are used to. The streamlined body actually proves to be highly beneficial in terms of aerodynamics and protection. If the white and red combination is not exactly your cup of tea, the Blade Mach 25 model also comes in a clear version that allows you to do your own paint job.

Other than this, the plate construction is made of carbon fiber with a robust aluminium support. It is a fully assembled and lightweight drone that also proves to be incredibly durable. Even if you happen to crash, all you will need to do is replace the self-tightening propellers. You will also notice LED lights in each motor boom that help with orientation and identification.

Blade Mach 25: Camera

One of the greatest features of this drone is that you can enjoy a FPV experience with it. This is all thanks to the Spektrum Ultra Micro Airborne FPV camera system that is mounted to a damped carbon fiber plate. Equipped with a 25mW video transmitter, it sends the videos in real time to the receiver. All you need in order for this to be possible are either a pair of compatible FPV goggles, or a 5.8GHz video monitor.

Blade Mach 25: Motors

The four canted motors on this quadcopter are brushless, mounted at a forward angle, and 2300Kw each. This not only makes for a quicker acceleration and faster forward flight, but also for an improved visibility through the camera.

Blade Mach 25: Flight performance

A notable feature on the Blade Mach 25 is the SAFE technology, also known as Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope. It is built into the Spektrum AR636QR receiver and makes it incredibly easy to stay in control of your drone. You have three available flight modes, each thought in order to fit different levels of agility. The first one is Stability Low-Angle mode. It is best for beginners that want to learn the insides of FPV racing, as it allows easier control and self-leveling capabilities. Stability High-Angle mode is the equivalent of Intermediate, as it increases you bank and pitch angle capabilities and starts letting you loose. Last but not least, the Agility mode, also known as Expert, allows full tilt and the possibility to perform aerobatics, like flips and rolls.


In order to be able to fly the Blade Mach 25 and experience FPV racing, you will need a couple extra items. Alongside what comes in the package of the drone, you will also need a compatible transmitter, a suitable LiPo battery charger, and FPV goggles. In order to be compatible, the transmitter will have to be a full-range, 5+ channel, multi-functional one, that has Spektrum 2.4GHz DSMX technology.

I would like to know…

Can it do flips and barrel rolls on command?

There are no pre-programmed buttons to do them automatically, but if you switch the drone to agility mode, you can perform the flips and rolls. Even so, be careful! You have to know what you are doing, otherwise you will be crashing easily.

Does it come with a spare set of propellers?

Yes, there are 2 full sets included. One to be installed and one to have as a spare.

Does the Blade Mach 25 have to be programmed, or will it just bind and fly with the transmitter?

This is a bind and fly model.

The package of the Blade Mach 25 FPV Racing Quadcopter includes:

  • The drone itself, fully assembled
  • 11.1V 1350mAh 3S LiPo battery
  • 1 extra set of propellers

Overall, this is a good looking FPV racing quadcopter that can be suitable for both beginners and more experienced pilots, thanks to the varied flight modes. You will surely attract the attention on the ”race track” with the one of a kind design and performance. Not only this, but you will also be impressed by the FPV experience yourself. If you want to test it out, or you think this might be a great gift for someone, you can find it either on Amazon, or Horizon Hobby, at a great deal for the opportunities it offers.

Price-performance ratio
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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blade-mach-25-fpv-racing-quadcopter-review By now, we have been used to 250-class quadcopters that mostly looked like they were assembled in a garage. Well, Blade seems to have decided to put this to an end, with their Blade Mach 25 FPV Racing Quadcopter. This model is more out...


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