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Bump F-15 Quadcopter Review


Bump F-15 Quadcopter Review

The starfish design of the Bump F-15 Quadcopter drone makes it exceptional. Nonetheless, as you will find in the impending segments, there is something else entirely to the Bump F-15 than simply the looks. Besides this, the drone is built with brushless motors, which makes it fly really good. 

You will likewise be satisfied that this little drone has numerous programmed flight capacities. Hence, on the off chance that you are searching for a great fledgeling quadcopter, you should seriously mull over getting this one. 

Like each and every drone, there are a few drawbacks to the F-15 as well. Nonetheless, these are not major issues. For example, the camera is only a 1080P HD, which is very low on the goal thinking about that numerous also evaluated drones accompany 2.7K to 4K cameras. 

Something else is that this aeroplane isn’t foldable. Consequently, it probably won’t be the ideal voyaging drone since pressing it tends to be trouble. 


  • Four High-Efficiency Brushless Motors
  • 1080P HD Wide Angle Lens
  • 2.4 GHz Controller/5G Smartphone Compatible
  • 15 Minute Flying Time
  • Intelligent Following Mode
  • Fixed point Flight
  • Headless Mode
  • GPS Position Holding

Design and build 

The body of the drone is curved in an efficient way. The Bump F-15 is build so that it assists the drone with slicing through the air when flying so it can fly better. This lightweight drone weighs only 395g. In any case, as should be obvious, it is still a path over the edge that numerous common avionics specialists take into account flying without enlistment. In this manner, you should enrol the F-15 with the FAA in the US before you can fly it. 

As we said in the introduction the drone has brushless engines. These type of motors keep going for a long time because they don’t overheat. Moreover, they have a preferred flight execution over brushed engines and they make a negligible commotion. Brushless engines additionally devour less battery power, in this manner helping your aeroplane stay longer noticeable all around. 


The material used to make the fuselage of this drone is excellent. This is vital for the insurance of the more fragile inside electronic parts. Subsequently, regardless of whether the drone crashes, the covering can ingest the greater part of the effect. 

This is certainly not a foldable quadcopter. While it is little, a foldable plan would have made it a vastly improved voyaging partner.


The drone has an incredible 2000mAh battery that can give you 15 minutes of flight time. Nonetheless, dissimilar to a considerable lot of the other quadcopters that we have inspected in the past that accompany removable batteries, this battery is incorporated into the drone. 

However you get separate batteries on amazon.com, so you can multiply your flight time. Changing the batteries are very easy, and it doesn’t require any unscrewing.



The 2.4GHz remote controller is fueled by two AAA batteries, which you need to purchase independently. Also, you may adore the oversimplified look of the controller, particularly the cleaned up front side. There are additionally the standard joysticks and the force button is situated in the centre at the top. 

The controller likewise has a foldable cell phone holder situated at the top side. Hence, when you are flying the drone, you can look at your cell phone without truly taking your eyes off the drone excessively.


As you may know, the camera is always one of the main reasons for buying a drone. The F-14 unfortunately does not have a 4K camera. However, many users find the 1080P HD wide-angle camera still very good.

The field of view is good enough at 110 degrees. In addition, you can vertically adjust the camera from 0 to 90 degrees.

You will also enjoy a real-time transmission of videos from your drone as it flies. For that, you will have to use your smartphone on your remote controller. The image transmission range is also quite decent at 200 meters considering that the remote control range is 300 meters.

Record every moment in the air and see what the drone can see via the instant video transmission. You will also find the app very responsive.

Flight features 

As an amateur quadcopter with the producer suggested age of 14 years, the Bump F-15, this quad has many computerized flight capacities. Thusly, with the vast majority of the flight details dealt with, you can focus on taking great film. The drones have features like Altitude hold,  Fail-safe function, Headless Mode, Orbit Mode, Smart Follow. These are autonomous feature,  but they still require some time to learn how and when to use them properly. Once you’ve mastered it, your aerial footages will look so much better. 


If you want to buy an extraordinary drone, that stands out just to fly it and make aerial footage for yourself this drone is perfect for you. But if you have more serious purposes with the footage than a drone with a better camera and portability like the DJI Mavic Mini 2 that is a foldable drone, which has a 4K camera. But of course, it will cost more as well. However, if you are a filmmaker, the money will come back.

You can buy the Bump F-15 from Amazon.

Price-performance ration
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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bump-f-15-quadcopter-review Bump F-15 Quadcopter Review The starfish design of the Bump F-15 Quadcopter drone makes it exceptional. Nonetheless, as you will find in the impending segments, there is something else entirely to the Bump F-15 than simply the looks. Besides this, the drone is built with...


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