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Contixo F18 Quadcopter Review

Contixo F18 Quadcopter from above

Have you been thinking about entering the drone hobby world? You are most likely looking after something easy enough to learn and fly, that does not cost a fortune (because you will most likely crash it). This is totally reasonable and understandable. Therefore, allow us to introduce you to the Contixo F18 Quadcopter. A great model that will meet the expectations we listed above while being full with fun features.

Size (L x W x H)36 x 34 x 8 cm
Weight334 gr
Camera2K UHD
Flight timeapprox. 20 minutes
Charging timeup to 2 hours
Maximum speed25 mph

Contixo F18: Design

Just one look at the drone and we already get the futuristic speeder aesthetic, thanks to the sleek countours and mild curves. Some might complain that the glossy finish makes the drone to always appear dirty, as it quickly shows any fingerprints. Even so, we believe this is not really a problem when your drone will be hundred meters away in the air. We dare say that the overall build looks pretty solid and able to hold minor crashes. Even so, we still recommend remaining on the safe side and keeping the Contixo F18 as far away from danger as possible. The landing gear doubles as a LED housing unit, which reminds us of Christmas a little bit. Still, there is a very important reason why they are in different colors: they help with visibility, to determine which is the front and the back, and they also give basic troubleshooting signals.

When you thought it could not get any better, the drone also comes with a padded, spacious, water-resistant backpack. This makes transporting and travelling with the drone a dream. It is comfortable for the wearer, protective of the drone and also big enough to hold all the necessary accessories.

Contixo F18: Camera

The 2K Ultra HD camera is simply an amazing feature for the retail price of the Contixo F18. It is needless to say that clarity is the biggest advanyage here, as even the tiniest details can be caught. If you wish to do so, you can tweak the image quality, but the presets are already optimized enough.

What we would have liked to see here though, is a multiple axis gimbal, or at least electronic stabilization. The camera is simply fit onto the hull of the craft. The troubles this could cause are motor shudder and the jiggle from wind interference, that can show in the recorded videos. Therefore, if you want any cinematic results, the only remaining hope is perfectly timing the shots.

It would not be a full package without the FPV function, that allows you to directly see what the drone ”sees” while in the air. The live feed is flawless thanks to the 5 GHz video transmission link.

Contixo F18: Controller

At a first sight, the controller resembles something brands like Potensic or Holy Stone would use. Even so, it follows the general guidelines regarding the basic format. Dual joysticks, dedicated function buttons, and a LCD screen, all very easy to use. The screen offers simple telemetry data including battery and signal levels, plus the number of connected satellites.

If you are worried about how comfortable this controller might be to hold, we have good news. It has an ergonomic concept that makes it easy to use even for extended periods of time. Also, it requires 4 AA batteries to function, but this does not have an influence on how comfortable it is.

Contixo F18: Flight performance

We mentioned the fun flight features in the beginning. Now, allow us to elaborate this subject.

GPS Module

This is absolutely necessary in order to make the functions possible. It also helps with extra stability and more accurate positioning. To work, it connects to satellites orbiting the outer atmosphere of the Earth, which allows for accurate pinpointing its real-time location. This way, the Contixo F18 is safe from going astray.

One-key Takeoff and Landing

With one push of a button, the drone will takeoff and land by itself, without the need of any manual maneuvers. This function is extremely helpful for beginners, as taking off and landing can prove to be tricky moves, that usually end in crashes.

Return to Home

This is one of the functions that would not be able to exist without the GPS module. To make it as simple as possible, whenever the drone has a low battery or signal issues, it will automatically go back to the most recent takeoff point.

Follow Me

By selecting a desired subject through the app, the drone will track it and record footage of it. The Contixo F18 will maintain a constant speed and distance from the selected target, but it will also modify the speed if needed. This means that it will accelerate or decelerate accordingly.


Again, through the app, you can select various points that you want your drone to follow. This will make the quadcopter fly by itself and allow you to concentrate more on the camera works, for example.

Automatic Hovering

Another highly useful feature for beginners, it makes the drone hover as soon as you take the hands off the controls. With other drones, you can expect them to crash into the ground if you do that. This function allows you to take a breath if you are feeling overwhelmed by everything you need to learn.

I would like to know…

Does it have sensors to keep it from crashing?

No, you will have to monitor it during flying.

Does it record or have on-board memory?

It has a MicroSD card slot on the side. You can also activate the recording onto the phone from the app if you are within 500 meters. On the remote you can find a button to activate recording onto the SD card.

As a conclusion, this drone offers good features for the price you pay for it. If you consider it is worth buying, you can find it on Amazon for the best deal. Considering it is both user-friendly and fun to use, we would say that it is an appropriate starting point for any beginner.

Price-performance ratio
Build Quality
Play time
Remote Controller
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contixo-f18-quadcopter-review Have you been thinking about entering the drone hobby world? You are most likely looking after something easy enough to learn and fly, that does not cost a fortune (because you will most likely crash it). This is totally reasonable and understandable. Therefore, allow...


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