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GoolRC S66 Mini Quadcopter Review


GoolRC S66 Mini Quadcopter Review

The GoolRC S66 Mini Quadcopter drone is one of the cheapest drones to have a 4K camera. For less than € 50 you can get this complete drone. The main target for this drone is newbies and beginners with little experience. In this article, we will show you all its features with all of its pros and cons, so if you want to buy this 4K camera drone you’ll have a full picture of it.

But in advance, we can say that this S66 RC quadcopter is a small portable drone that features multiple attractive functions such as flight tracking, 3D gyro, photo/video gesture, 4K HD camera. So It is an ideal item to carry in your pocket or in small travel bags for transport and also offers an easy control flight. 


Max. Flight Time: 13 mins

Charging Time: 60mins

Max. Remote Distance: 150m

Operating Frequency: 2.4GHz

Gyro: 6-axis

Channel: 4CH

Drone’s Battery: 3.7V 650mAh Lithium Battery

Remote Controller’s Battery: 3x 1.5 V AAA (not included)

Max. Image Transmission Distance: 50m

Photo Resolution: 4096*2160

Video Resolution: 2560 * 1440

What’s in the box?

RC Drone

Remote Controller

4x Propellers Guards

Spare Propellers Set


USB Charging Cable

User Manual

Drone Battery

Storage Bag


Design and build 

The S66 RC Quadcopter is a very useful RC quadcopter with an extraordinary build and foldable design. The S66 RC Quadcopter can be carried nearly anywhere if it’s folded. The best thing is that you’ll have a caring case in which you can transport it anywhere. The S66 Quadcopter has a small size of 10.5×12.5x3cm (unfolded) and 8x 6.5x3cm(folded) so it’s not bigger than your phone, which permits you to place it even in your pocket. This makes it simpler, more space-saving, and more secure to ship. 

Foldable drones are at present extremely well known, so it isn’t astonishing that an ever-increasing number of foldable drones are appearing. And most of them are moving around the same price. So it’s up to the drone’s specs and your taste which one to choose.


You will get the drone with a 3.7V 650mAh battery. The battery can be inserted from the back of the drone and it’s perfectly safe to handle it. With a full charge, the drone can fly for around 13 minutes. However, some things like the weather, flight style, or camera resolution  Prior to flying, the battery should be charged for an hour for a full charge. 


The controller is not bigger than the drone, and it’s enabled with quite a few buttons. But the most important thing, the maximum range of the controller is 150 meters. Which is not much and it’s definitely smaller than the other 4K camera drones. For example, the recently reviewed Holy Stone HS720E is another 4K camera that has a flight range of 1KM. 

On the controller, you can activate different flight features such as the optical flow positioning, one key take-off/land/return, altitude hold mode, headless mode, runway flight, emergency stop, gravity sensor, photo/video gesture, 3D flip, 2.4Ghz control frequency. Each button is enabled with a small icon and in the user’s manual you can find out what each of the icons means. And last but not least the controller has a foldable phone holder as well. If you download the provided app and connect to your drone you can see on your drone the live feed of the camera.



S66 RC Drone is a multifunctional drone that comes with a 4K top-quality camera that can take super clear and crisp photos and recordings. With a double camera on the drone, you can have a sight of the scene and take photos and recordings from an alternate point of view. Meanwhile, there are significantly more remarkable capacities for you to experience and play in your own imaginative manner. Using the dual positioning system can help the drone flying steadily and shooting still. The camera can be adjusted in 90-degree and the lens has a curved and wide view, just like any other sports camera. 


The GoolRC S66 Mini Quadcopter has a foldable and lightweight design. Also, the drone comes with a 4K camera, and some really awesome and useful features. However, the camera has a relatively small sensor so the 4K resolution photo provided by the S66 can’t be compared to a 4K picture by a DJI drone. So it won’t be helpful for a professional photographer. However, a beginner or a child might enjoy using the S66. So keep that in mind if you want to buy the quadcopter.

For those who are interested in the GoolRC S66 Mini Quadcopter and would like to check out its price, you can go to Amazon for more information (link 1, link 2) or Aliexpress

Price-performance ration
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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goolrc-s66-mini-quadcopter-review GoolRC S66 Mini Quadcopter Review The GoolRC S66 Mini Quadcopter drone is one of the cheapest drones to have a 4K camera. For less than € 50 you can get this complete drone. The main target for this drone is newbies and beginners with little...


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