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Happymodel Mobula7 Tinywhoop Review


Happymodel Mobula7 Tinywhoop Review

One of the moments the FPV community was taken by storm happened thanks to the release of the Happymodel Mobula7 Tinywhoop. It was such a novelty that it definitely created quite the murmur among the drone enthusiasts. The good king too. If you have not heard about this yet and we got your attention, we assure you that discovering the particularities of this model is worth it,so follow through with its story if you want to understand why the impact was so meaningful. First, let’s start with the basics.

Size98 x 98 x 36mm
Weight25.9 gr (without battery)
Battery250mAh LiPo
Flight time3 to 4 minutes


Unfortunately, one of the first things to be noticed about this Tinywhoop is that it is fragile overall, especially the frame. This is because of the choice of material used for the carcasse, which is PC.Even so, it is very important to know that this issue has been reported only in the first batches, and now it seems like this aspect has been fixed. Nevertheless, if you somehow still end up with a not so reliable frame, always keep in mind its fragility, so try to shelter this Tinywhoop away from dangers. Also, the crash beeper should help. The good news is, this is the only downside to this model! So, smooth sailing from now on!


Some additional details to the design are that it is simply and effortlessly a good looking drone. Considering its price, the looks give off a qualitative feeling, which also translates to the abilities. We dare say that it slightly resembles the Emax Tinyhawk, or at least this was the muse that was used for inspiration.


This model is able to support both 1S and 2S power supply. The kind of batteries you receive in the package are 1S, but they are made to be used in series. Therefore, if these do not meet your desires, you can always use 2S 250-350mAh ones, change the connector to a JST or XT30, and you are good to go!

One thing would be, if you plan to fly indoors and use bigger 1S batteries, we do not recommend that, simply because you would experience current draw and battery sag. Instead, what you could do is use a throttle limit in betaflight. Putting the limit there instead of on the radio will give you better control.

The flight time you get also depends on the way you choose to fly the drone. If you want to push its limits and see how far it can get, you can enjoy about 3-3:30 minutes of flying. On the other hand, if you just want to relax a little and fly the drone in cruising mode, you can gain up to 30 seconds, so you get about 4 minutes.

Flight performance

If you have heard nothing but good things concerning this model’s flight performance, then we can do nothing more but confirm it. To put it simply, this Tinywhoop flies like a full-sized quadcopter, and we mean this in many ways. It can effortlessly pull off freestyle moves like dips, power loops or splits.In self leveling modes, there is no drift observed, so we have just two guesses. Either the vibrations are very few, or the filters are exceptionally doing their job, as even if there are vibrations, they do not affect the gyro.  We believe you can already tell by now that the Mobula7 is not like any other brushed or brushless whoop that has been released before. To us, this sounds like a legend in the making!

Also, if you were worried about the noise, we have to let you know that the Mobula7 is actually a quite impressive, silent flier. 



Based on its specification, this camera is basically an AIO, wired in such a manner that the FC’s OSD info is able to get added to the camera’s video signal. Overall, it is not exactly what you would call spectacular. Because of the 700TVL resolution, the colors can turn out to be quite muddy, but the upside sits in the dynamic range. Maybe the biggest advantage in this department is the fact that the angle of the camera is adjustable, something you do not usually see in Tinywhoops of this kind. Also, the field of view is 120 degrees, so win-win!

The package of the Happymodel Mobula7 Tinywhoop includes:

  • 4 spare props
  • A few extra screws
  • A screwdriver
  • A small manual
  • A single port USB charger
  • A small jumper connector for 1S use
  • 4 1S 250mAh batteries
  • A 3D printed adapter


Overall, this is a good Tinywhoop. It flies like a mini quad, but it is as quiet as an innocent micro. Its responsiveness is quite impressive, and it also handles acro pretty much effortlessly. To put it simply, it is small and capable. Even though you can get it from Amazon or GetFPV for a great price, you might have to spend a few extra money on replacing the frame. But, it seems quite irrelevant considering the benefits. All in all, we believe it is a good investment if you want to have some fun and have intermediate to high experience flying. 

Price-performance ration
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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happymodel-mobula7-tinywhoop-review Happymodel Mobula7 Tinywhoop Review One of the moments the FPV community was taken by storm happened thanks to the release of the Happymodel Mobula7 Tinywhoop. It was such a novelty that it definitely created quite the murmur among the drone enthusiasts. The good king too....


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