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Holy Stone HS210 Quadcopter Review


Holy Stone HS210 Quadcopter Review

The Holy Stone H210 is a great drone that is meant to be used by kids and beginners of all age. You will see this by the number of security features. First of all, it has a 360-degree propeller guard, that protects the drone from all directions. Also, the drone is built in a compact way, so it can survive minor crashes. The other very attractive thing about the drone is its very low price. The Holy Stone HS210 Quadcopter will cost you under $30. And for this price, you will get a lot of fun. So you should definitely consider getting the Holy Stone HS210 Quadcopter, but before that make sure to read it till the end of this review so you can have a clear image of this drone.


  • Dimensions:3.15×3.15×1.18 inch
  • Flight Time: 7 Mins (Each Battery)
  • Charging time: 40-60 Mins
  • Control Range: 164FT
  • Altitude Hold
  • Headless Mode
  • Low Battery Power Alarm

What’s in the box?



3x Drone Battery

4x Extra Propellers

USB Charging Port

Propeller Screwdriver

Instruction Manual


Design and build 

The HS210 has a similar build to the JJRC H6C. This is especially valid for a portion of its build but not the look, because this drone looks a bit more athletic. The drone measures 3.15×3.15×1.18 inches and has a very sturdy build. The drone is so small that it can fit in your palm. The battery is placed under the drone, and due to the generosity of the company, you will get not one but three batteries. But we’re gonna discuss this more in the battery section. And last but not least there is a full propeller guard that protects the drone whether you fly it indoors or outdoors. 


As we said, you get 3 pieces of battery for this drone. The battery provided for this one is a  3.7V 220mAh Li-Po battery that can give you 7 minutes of flight time. So with the three batteries, you will get around 21 minutes of flight time. However, this time is only an advertised time. In reality, there are some environmental influences that will reduce the flight time by 2-3 minutes. Make sure to always have the batteries fully charged. 

Remote controller

Now let’s talk about one of the most important hardware of the drone, the remote controller. The controller is simplified. It only has a few buttons on the front, and those are labelled with little icons, so you can easily learn the purpose of each other. It has a big on/off button, an emergency ladning button and a headless mode button. The maximum range of the drone is 50 meters.


Because it’s a toy grade drone, it doesn’t have any Camera nor FPV feature, this also means no phone holder on the controller. And because of the small build, there is no place to attach an action camera on the top. 

Flight experience 

The propellers have built-in guards, this secures them regardless of whether the drone crashes. This is a decent element that ought to be on the best modest novice drones as it will undoubtedly crash a couple of times before the amateur pilot can get familiar with everything of flying. 

The drone additionally has an altitude hold highlight. You can cause it to drift at a specific height. Once more, this is an excellent spec for a drone that costs under $30. You can leave the drone floating when you need to have your hands off the controller. 

The drone also features headless mode which guarantees that you don’t need to stress a lot over where the nose of the drone is facing. When in headless mode, this drone will fly sideways, in reverse and advances relying upon the bearing of the controller. Simply press the forward stick and the drone goes toward that path paying little heed to where the nose focuses. 

The drone additionally has a low battery alert is a type of alarm. The controller signals and the LED lights on the done flicker on and off. That is an indication that you ought to bring the drone home and change the battery.


I want to get 2 of these for my boys, will they work at the same time?

Flying two at a time works fine for us as long as you pair each drone separately one at a time. 

What connector is on this battery?


What’s the maximum mAh battery that I can use?

For safety, we do recommend our customer use the original battery of the drone. 

How do I turn on the remote?

You can turn on the remote with the switch on the bottom of the remote. 

Does the drone need to be paired every time a new battery is plugged in? 


Can I buy a multi-charger to charge all 3 and or 4 batteries at once?

HolyStone don’t sell the charger now, But it will be available soon.  

Can it fly outside? 

Yes, but it’s suggested to fly it in mild weather. 


It is a basic drone, for beginners yet it has progressed highlights like headless mode, altitude hold work and a relatively long flight time. This makes a decent toy drone and is sold at an entirely reasonable cost. Also, don’t forget that you get three batteries in the package, which is a  great thing. 

If you’re interested in buying the Holy Stone HS210 you can buy it from Amazon.

Price-performance ration
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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holy-stone-hs210-quadcopter-review Holy Stone HS210 Quadcopter Review The Holy Stone H210 is a great drone that is meant to be used by kids and beginners of all age. You will see this by the number of security features. First of all, it has a 360-degree propeller guard,...


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