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HR H14 Quadcopter Review


HR H14 Quadcopter Review

If we were to describe the HR H14 Quadcopter in just a few words, they would be a great learner for beginners at a more than fair price. Being this small and lightweight, it could be hard to believe that this drone has the multitude of features that it boasts, but it is true! The best part is that when you finally learned all the maneuvers on it, you can immediately switch to a bigger drone, as they both have similar specifications. Let’s see what those are and how it was possible to put them together.

Size9 x 14.5 x 5 cm (folded)25 x 29 x 5 cm (unfolded)
Weight160 gr
Battery3.7V, 1200mAh Li-Po
Flight time26 minutes
Charging time150 minutes


Thanks to the innovative design, this drone is foldable, as the arms tuck away nicely onto the sides of the body. This feature makes the quadcopter extremely easy to pack away and transport wherever you want, reducing the size considerably. Even more than this, the propellers do not need unscrewing, as the drone folds intact. 

As a beginner model, it is highly possible that crashes will occur. Thanks to the high quality plastic material that it is made of, the interior parts will be protected and the case will remain intact, so you will not need to have a painful departing ceremony just after purchase. Another convenient feature is the brushless motors, as they create significantly less noise while allowing the drone to fly longer without overheating. Overall, their performance is much better than the brushed motors.



Sometimes when you hear that a cheap drone has a 4K camera, you tend to second guess it. Even so, this is not the case of the HR H14 Quadcopter, as you will be able to enjoy the high-quality photo and video footage, as advertised. Not only this but considering that the gesture shooting function is available, you can also capture impressive selfies.

In addition, you can also have some fun with the adjustable vertical angle, that can be modified up to 90 degrees. This way, it is easier to choose what is the best angle for you. On top of that, the panning angle, also known as the field of view, is quite wide too, hitting an impressive 170 degrees.

We would not be able to talk about a performant drone without mentioning FPV. With this model, you can use your smartphone to see the path that your quadcopter follows, by installing the requested app.


Not only does the battery offer you a great flight time of 26 minutes. But, it is also very easy to handle, as you can remove and insert it back without any issues whenever it needs to be charged. If the charge time seems too long for you, we have great news: the battery is modular, so you can freely buy an extra one, to enjoy even longer flight times and shorter charge ones. In addition, if you are worried about overcharging. You can leave this concern in the past, because if you use the provided USB cable, there is no chance for this to happen. 


Remote controller

The first thing to be noticed about this remote controller is that it is rather stylish. Unlike other models, the phone holder can be found on the lower side. This can qualify as a small disadvantage, simply because the positioning means that you would have to take your eyes off of the controls to look at your phone. Other than this, the holder can be folded away when it is not used, and the controller is overall easy to use. Almost all of the important functions can be found on the keys, so there is not much to be learnt. 

Flight performance

As we mentioned in the beginning, this drone has a high number of flying functions that make it extremely fun to use. Even so, the fact that it is a beginner model is not left out of sight, so it is also packed with many fail-safe measures. Here are some of the most important features:

GPS Satellite Positioning

Thanks to this simple, but effective measure, the drone helds the intended position, taking into consideration the altitude and longitude. Also, if it loses connection or runs out of battery, it will know to return to the last take off point. This makes it almost impossible to lose it, as the GPS connection will be created through your phone.

Gesture Shooting Mode

We mentioned this earlier and we will mention it again. Simply because it is a great feature that makes taking selfies, and even videos, incredibly fun. To be more specific, if you make the victory sign to the camera, it will snap a photo of you. And if you show your palm, it will start recording a video. Say goodbye to the photos that were ruined because of the remote controller you had to hold in your hand.

Smart Following

Also known as the Smart Following Mode 3.0, through this feature the drone will be able to recognize you. Then, it will follow you wherever you go, keeping a reasonable distance. This way, you can snap photos and videos as you go, without having to worry too much about the controls. You will especially love this function if you are a fan of outdoor adventure. 

Trajectory and Surround Flight

With the first one, you can draw a predetermined path for your drone to follow on its own. The second one can come in handy when you want to capture many different angles. Once you choose it, the drone will circle around it. It allows you to become the photographer you always dreamed of being.

Security Fence

This feature was definitely developed by a parent. If you plan on giving this drone as a gift to a kid, you will be happy to know that this function let’s you pre-set a zone that the drone will not be allowed to leave. The little ones can go crazy on the controls and the parents don’t have to worry about it.

MV Functions

They are incredibly helpful if you are sharing the content you create with your family and friends on social media. You can add certain effects on your photos and videos. They will definitely make them even more attractive, turning you into a social media star.

The package of the HR H14 quadcopter includes:

  • The drone itself
  • Remote controller
  • 4 wind blades
  • USB charging cable
  • Screwdriver
  • Instructions manual


All in all, HR H14 Quadcopter can be a great gift for either a beginner, a kid, or even yourself! Some things that should be kept in mind though are that you should avoid flying it in the wind. It is so lightweight that even a breeze could take it away for good. Also, make sure that you read the manual thoroughly if this is your first experience with a drone. This will ensure that you will make the most of the amazing functions it has. 

We can not mention anything other than that you can find it at a great deal on Banggood. Also, we are sure that you will quickly figure out that the investment was worth it. Have a safe flight!

Price-performance ration
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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hr-h14-quadcopter-review HR H14 Quadcopter Review If we were to describe the HR H14 Quadcopter in just a few words, they would be a great learner for beginners at a more than fair price. Being this small and lightweight, it could be hard to believe that this...


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