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JXD 515V Mini Quadcopter Review


The JXD 515V Mini Quadcopter looks like a hyper-sonic modern spaceship in light of its design and shading. It accompanies a defensive casing around the propellers. In the chance that you are a beginner, you will be protected if you crash your drone. You can fly the drone with the propeller guards just as fast. The drone can be used indoors and outdoors as well. Due to its relatively weak motors, it’s advised to use it more indoors. In addition, it includes a 0.3MP airborne camera and height hold work for brilliant photos.

JXD 515V Mini Quadcopter


  • Quadcopter Size: 13.8×13.8×5 CM
  • Box Size: 33×19.5×8.5 CM
  • Gyro: 6-axis
  • Frequency: 2.4G
  • Channel:4CH
  • Battery:7.4V 350mAh(included)
  • Camera:200W
  • Flight time: 6 minutes
  • Charging time: 90 minutes
  • Flying distance: 50 meters

What’s in the box?

JXD 515V Mini Quadcopte


USB charging cable


4x Spare propeller

4x Propeller guard

Design and build 

The JXD 515V has a truly futuristic and modern design. The drone is made out of good quality plastic. This is strong enough to survive but still light enough so the motors can lift up the drone easily. You can order the drone in two color combinations: black-blue and black-green. With the camera and the battery included the drone weighs only 60g. The elements of the JXD 515V are 140 * 140 * 50mm / 5.5 * 5.5 * 2in. 


The JXD 515V mini Quadcopter comes with a 7.4V 350mAh lithium-particle battery. The battery is a modular one, that can be changed easily if you have any spare battery. Removing and inserting a new battery is easy. At the point when the battery is fully charged, you can fly the drone for around 6 minutes. However certain factors like the weather and your flight time can influence in bad your total flight time. To have a full charge on your battery, you will need to charge the battery for around 90 minutes. 

JXD 515V Mini Quadcopter Battery


The controller is a small and light device that still has all the necessary components. Due to its ergonomic build, it fits just right in your hand. First of all, It has around 5 buttons on the front, all enabled with indicators and two joysticks for control. There is a button in the middle that helps you power on the controller. On the right side, there is a button for switching between photo and video mode. Above that a button for take-off and landing. On the left side, you’ll find two buttons elevator and aileron trimming. If this is something new for you, don’t worry, you’ll find everything in the user’s manual. There are also two shoulder buttons for the different speed profiles and for the 3D flip. The control of the 515V utilizes the 2.4GHz recurrence and highlights 4-Channels. The control distance is up to 50 – 60m.

JXD 515V Mini Quadcopter Controller


The JXD 515V highlights a 0.3MP elevated camera for taking photos and video. The drone is built with brushed motors, which does the job just perfectly. The JXD 515V can do a 3D flip, can fly in headless mode. Which means that it will consistently follow the development of the joysticks). It also has an altitude hold, for continue to fly at a specific elevation. One key landing and key take-off help you in effectively handling the drone. Sideward trip for moving sidewards and is furnished with lights. The JXD 515V is furnished with 6 Axis Gyro.

Others opinion about the drone

“This is a great flyer with altitude hold one key start and land, headless mode. A great 0.3mp camera what else could you ask for from a toy quad. You get a bag of spares that include 4 props,4 prop guards, a charger,4GB MicroSD for for the camera. The camera quality is really good for how small the battery is. For a 2s quad, it is not as fast as I expected. But it has a good flight time of around 7-8 minutes that depends if you use the camera.”

“This Drone Sold By “rosmii” is excellent it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. I gave this drone a Massive test in reliability just for this review its instructions are easy enough to follow. What I like about this drone is the Launch and Land button. It stops you from accidentally taking off until you are ready it is like a prop lock. So you turn on the drone and the controller by pressing the launch button. This will get the props spinning and you are ready to go. Flight indoor is Excellent. The stability is brilliant and the size is not huge. You can fly in and out of all the rooms with no problem as the props have guards to protect them.” 

“Great fun easy to control drone. I am a real novice when it comes to drones and I am taking baby steps before I hopefully progress onto something bigger. This really is a superb little drone to help take me there. It comes in a nice presentation box. The box includes four spare propellers and four spare propeller guards. Although I have yet to break or lose any, charging is fairly simple with the lead provided just unclip the battery compartment and plug the USB lead to the connection inside. It came with a 4GB micro USB TF card inserted in the card reader. Which just slots in under the drone, the controller takes four AAA batteries (not supplied).”


The drone has some great features, however, it can satisfy only the desire of beginner pilots. Due to the small camera and the short flight time and range, a professional drone pilot won’t enjoy flying this drone. However, it can be a great gift for a teenager that has an interest in technology and flying drones. Any beginner can learn the basics of drone flying on this, so they can upgrade to a more advanced drone like the DJI Mavic Mini 2.
If you’re interested in buying the drone, you can do it on Gearbest or Amazon.

Price-performance ration
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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jxd-515v-mini-quadcopter-review The JXD 515V Mini Quadcopter looks like a hyper-sonic modern spaceship in light of its design and shading. It accompanies a defensive casing around the propellers. In the chance that you are a beginner, you will be protected if you crash your drone. You...


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