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Potensic D50 Quadcopter Review

Potensic D50 Quadcopter Review

Over the years, Potensic has learned to always amaze us with all kinds of drones, whether they are mini, FPV, for kids, or any other. On top of this, they are also beautiful to look at and very accessible. Today, we will be making a Potensic D50 Quadcopter Review, in hopes to make you discover this great model. Who knows? It might become your new favourite drone!

Size180 x 160 x 63 mm
Weight180 gr
Battery1500mAh LiPo
Camera1080P HD
Flight time12 to 15 minutes


Like the case of many other Potensic drones, this one has incredibly good looks. With a white topped body, gray low side, arms, and rotors, it inspires elegance. The material used is not exactly the strongest on the market, but it will keep the integrity of the drone in light crashes. Sadly, it is not a foldable quadcopter, so travelling with it might cause some trouble, but it is not impossible. You might notice that there are no propeller guards, so you should be careful to not bend the propellers!

Potensic D50: Camera

Even though most people believe this is a beginner quadcopter, the truth is that even more experienced pilots can enjoy it just as much! The camera is one of the reasons why. It can capture both photo and video stunning footage, even when the drone zips through the sky. With the 1080P resolution, which is much higher than the average 720P you frequently encounter on other drones.

Also, this is a FPV drone. Therefore, you will be able to see exactly what the drone sees while it flies. The best part is that you can record this footage and even share it on social media, which can be a little fun thing to do with your friends. In order for this to happen, the camera is able to connect to your smartphone through the upgraded 5.0GHz WiFi. Thanks to this, you will be able to view the footage directly on your phone.

Potensic D50: Flight performance

On top of the amazing FPV features, the overall flight performance of the Potensic D50 is also something to be impressed with. Besides the 300 meters control range, which means that you can enjoy the footage recorded by the drone even if you are that far away, there is one more thing to add. The numerous flight functions you can enjoy with your quadcopter.

Auto Follow Me Mode

This feature is very much enjoyed by outdoor recreation enthusiasts, simply because they are able to record footage while hiking, mountain biking, climbing, or even just running. Once you activate this mode on the drone, it will follow you while recording or shooting photos from a preset height. By ”following”, we also mean that the drone will fly backwards, ahead of you, recording from the front.

Altitude Hold

First off, you would need to select the desired altitude. Then, the drone will happily hold the hover at the said altitude without any issues. Also, this comes in handy for the flight control system, that calculates the optimal height and keeps the drone stable according to it.

Point of Interest

By selecting a building or destination on the required app, you can make the Potensic D50 continuously fly clockwise around the specified location. As a resuly, you will have either a comprehensive image, or video (or both!), that will allow you to discover all the possible angles.

Return to Home

This is a very helpful feature for beginners, the least. If the GPS goes out of distance, the Potensic D50, or its transmitter are running low on battery, the transmitter will start beeping. This is the sign that the RTH function will be put into action, and the drone will go back to its launching point.

I would like to know…

Are the motors brushed or brushless?

They are brushed, but there have not been any reported issues with overheating.

Since the drone communicates via 5G WiFi, would I need a 5G phone to use the app?


Will the drone still follow me if my phone loses service?

If the phone loses service, it means that it will also stop supporting the GPS. Consequently, the drone will no longer be able to follow.

Does the Potensic D50 have an anti-collision feature?


Does it avoid obstacles automatically?

No, but it is highly controllable and stable (unless it is windy). However, for beginners, we would recommend getting some practice in an open space before planning to fly the drone in a busier location.

Can I tilt the camera?


Is the drone waterproof?


All in all, this drone can be a fun time for both beginners that do not want to advance to a bigger one in the future, and also more experienced pilots. What we know for sure is that Potensic has managed to carve themselves a big niche in the market with the D50. Once you see the price it comes with on Amazon, it might even be hard to believe the price is so accessible for the features it comes with. In the end, if you do decide to get it, we can only wish you the best of times and a safe flight!

Price-performance ratio
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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potensic-d50-quadcopter-review Over the years, Potensic has learned to always amaze us with all kinds of drones, whether they are mini, FPV, for kids, or any other. On top of this, they are also beautiful to look at and very accessible. Today, we will be making...


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