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Snaptain SP510 Quadcopter Review


Snaptain SP510 Quadcopter Review

If drone filming has been on your mind lately, but you never knew how to take the first step in that direction, we might have just the right solution for you. Introducing the Snaptain SP510 Quadcopter. A drone with an amazing camera, that will be patient enough with you to teach you all the things you need to know both about flying and video or photo shooting. So far, this is all great, but the cherry on top is how affordable this drone is. All being said, let’s dive into the details.

Size35 x 31 x 6 cm (unfolded)
Weight273 gr
Camera2.7K HD
Battery1500 mAh, LiPo
Flight time16 min.
Charging time150 min.
Motor1020 Coreless
Control range300 m


Its dark color and boxy and square look gives it a rather unique and trusty appearance. This is also a foldable drone, which is a great feature if you plan to use it in order to shoot different places. You just fold it up, without having to remove any parts, and you won’t even feel its presence in your bags, as it is very lightweight. Not to mention that folded, it measures 5.7 x 3.5 x 2.4 inches, which also means that it will not take up too much space. Due to the fact that the motor arms are made of high-grade aluminium, they double as an extra protective layer for the body of the drone when they are folded. Also, on these arms you will find LED lights that do a great job at helping you spot and position the drone when using it.

The material used for the body is high quality ABS plastic. It is true that many people prefer carbon fiber over it, but ABS also does a good job keeping the drone intact if any crashes or accidents are to occur while flying. 


An innovative feature is that the battery can be kept on the drone and also recharged while on the go. Therefore, you do not need to remove it while powering it up. The main purpose for this is to prevent overcharging and discharging. 


The 2.7K resolution camera is able to record and capture aerial photos and videos in Ultra HD quality, with great clarity and vivid details. In order to make sure that you capture what you wish to, it also has an adjustable angle up to 90 degrees. Considering it is a motorized camera, it will maintain an horizontal position, even when the drone slants. The recorded material is transmitted to your smartphone through 5G WiFi, but you will probably notice that it will be more qualitative if you store it on an SD card. The drone has an according slot, that can support a card with the storage value up to 128GB. 

As for the FPV experience, the camera is capable of a transmission distance of 300 meters, with 0 to minimal latency if the conditions are beneficial. Also, the focus is adjustable, so you can improve the transmission according to your needs. 

One downside to this camera is that it is fixed and situated on the nose of the drone, meaning that there is no gimbal system supporting it. Therefore, because it has no advanced stabilisation features, there might be some jello effect and shakiness noticed in the videos, but this mainly happens when the weather is windy. So, the best advice would be to use the drone in a stable climate.  

Remote Controller

The first thing we noticed and has to be mentioned about this controller is that it is very good looking, with a minimalist design. Aside from the smartphone holder that pulls out from the middle, integrating the phone beautifully, the buttons are also smartly distributed and labeled. They are not crowded, or too many, and you clearly know what each one does. 

It also uses two true antennas that help maintain the great communication. The internal LiPo battery can be charged through an USB cable, which you can find included in the package.

Flight performance and functions

Overall, the flight performance of the Snaptain SP510 Quadcopter is pretty good. The altitude is held and maintained in hover mode and it is also very easy to control. There are three speed modes, which exist for a reason. The drone is quite fast. So, if you are a beginner, it would be best to use the default setting in the beginning. Even though the transmission rate is advertised to be 500 meters, we would advise you to stay on the safe side. Do not push it forward that 400 meters. 


It is packed with a multitude of functions, like most Snaptain models, from which we mention:


Due to the presence of the GPS, the Snaptain SP510 Quadcopter will remember the home point, also known as the place it was launched from. Therefore, this is what allows the Auto Return Home function to both exist and work. Meaning, if the drone happens to run out of battery or lose contact with the remote controller, it will return home on its own. Also, another benefit is that you can receive important flight information, like height, flight distance, and speed. 

Follow Me Mode

Another function that must thank the GPS. When enabling this mode, the drone will become like your shadow, following you wherever you go, at a reasonable distance. Also, it will keep up with you whatever you do, so if you start picking up speed, so will it and so on. The main reason for this function is to take hands-free photos and videos, but we can not blame you if you have a little bit of fun with it too. 

Point of Interest

Before launching the drone, designate a point of interest, a certain thing, person, or area that you wish to record in detail. Then, when you send it to fly, the drone will circle the mentioned zone. By using this mode, you can capture good footage from all angles and possibly create a true masterpiece. 

Way Point Mode

Through the app, you can create a route on the map. This includes your favourite and most beautiful locations and spots. Then, when you launch the drone, it will follow the path you created for it. Recording and taking photos every step of the way. This way, you can create footage without walking around or even using your hands. 

Smart Geofence

This function is great and especially helpful if you are a beginner. Through it, you can set the range within which the drone is allowed to fly. Therefore, the chances of losing it are lowered to almost 0. Especially when you consider the presence of the Return to Home mode too. 

Headless Mode

Again, another function that was developed with beginners in mind, it will make the drone realign itself. So, it will face the right direction, using the pilot as a reference spot. 

One Key Take Off and Landing

This means that to either take off or land, you can only use one button. When using it to launch, the drone will take off and hover at a reasonable height waiting for the next command. 

I would like to know…

Does it have a microphone?

Although it does not have a microphone, it allows audio to be recorded. Along with the video via the app on your phone. While you record the video with the app, you can turn the voice button on. It will record the audio with your phone’s microphone. 

Does the drone fold automatically or manually?

You have to fold the arms by hand. The propellers will unfold when the motors begin to spin. 

Will a tablet fit in the remote’s phone holder?

Most likely no. The holder opens to a maximum of 7,60 cm.

All things considered, this drone is great for beginners that also want to enjoy a good camera. Also, it will not break the bank, especially when you consider all the great specifications and functions it comes with. You can see for yourself by buying it from Amazon.

Price-performance ration
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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snaptain-sp510-quadcopter-review Snaptain SP510 Quadcopter Review If drone filming has been on your mind lately, but you never knew how to take the first step in that direction, we might have just the right solution for you. Introducing the Snaptain SP510 Quadcopter. A drone with an amazing...


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