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SNAPTAIN SP660 Mini Quadcopter Review


SNAPTAIN SP660 Mini Quadcopter Review

I could speak volumes about how much technology has changed our lives affecting all of the domains. In fact, it developed a lot in the drone industry taking into account how many models and types are now on the market. Besides the professional purposes, there are some models made for racing or for beginners that are looking for fun. Some drones have cameras and others don’t need them because they are made for other reasons. Even though there are some quadcopter models that are really amazing, massive, big, and high quality, there are also so many mini drones that are impressive. One of them would definitely be SNAPTAIN SP660 Mini Quadcopter. It can be categorized as a mini-size drone for beginners. It is affordable and has a lot of features that will trigger people’s interest. Let’s get straight into details and see what this model can provide us and what experiences can this offer.

SNAPTAIN SP660 Details 

Since this model came out it became popular very fast among beginners and recreational remote pilots. SNAPTAIN SP660 Mini is simply beautiful because it combines a series of attractive colors: red, blue, and black with green lights. The design is also impressive but this is not a surprise from SNAPTAIN who makes some of the most beautiful drones in the market. Moreover, the drone is beginner-friendly and very affordable. It can be described as a product of high quality but at a reasonable price. You will forget about AKASO A31 When you see the SNAPTAIN SP660. 

The body of the drone is all black and is made from plastic, so you should be careful how you fly this drone in order to not get damage. Its weight is around 200g, that means you don’t have to register this drone if you live in Canada, SUA or UK which is a plus. At the top of the product, it has an emblem that reminds people of Atletico Madrid, and it gives the drone a sporty look. 


The motors are brushed coreless and quite powerful things that allow the drone to fly faster but are not as efficient as brushless motors. Try to clean the motors on a regular basis to keep them in optimal conditions. You will also receive a propeller guard which you can use if you want. But as a recommandations, try to use it  because it will help you to save the drone from any damages that may occur if you crash it. As a beginner, you surely will crash when you will fly the drone for the very first time. 

The camera

SNAPTAIN SP660 Mini comes with a 720P HD camera for videos. You have the opportunity to capture moments and then you can save them on an SD card or in your mobile. This camera is found on the nose this is why you will have a wide viewpoint. It takes good quality photos, not highly professional but are good.  It is a perfect aerial camera for our family. This drone is also very stable and it can capture awesome photos and videos all the time. But keep in mind to use the camera in daylight to have high-quality footage. 

Flight Performance and battery 

It has two batteries so you don’t need a third unless you want a long flight time. The general flight time is around 40 minutes in total, which is a long time actually. The charging time of the battery is 180 minutes. Is also easy to remove and insert the batteries from the drone. Is very easy to fly this drone because it comes with headless mode as a default setting. This drone also has altitude hold and three-speed modes that you can easily switch between. However, it will take some time until voice control and gesture control goes but besides that, everything goes as it should. 

Remote control

The remote control has a built-in rechargeable battery. So when it runs low, you can charge it. It will come with a charging cable and the charging time for the remote controller is around 45 minutes but not more.

The design of the remote controller is comfortable, small and also ergonomic. You can hold it for a long time without feeling cramped on the wrists. It is responsive but not overly sensitive and it has everything that you need to execute exciting flights.


Other Features

One key takeoff and landing – This is the most required feature for a beginner. The take-off key helps the drone launch but hovers at a given height. It does the same thing when you press it for landing. It also saves the drone when it loses signal or when there are obstacles in its way.

Gesture Control – allows you to take photos and videos through the mere gesture of your hands. 

Trajectory flight – This is a hands-free flight mode that will help you to draw a flight path on the app and the drone will automatically fly along the route. 

SNAPTAIN Era App – For using this app your phone should be android 4.4 and above or iOS 7.0 and later. You can do a lot of things on the app, including controlling the flight of your drone.

Pros of the SNAPTAIN SP660

  • Two high capacity batteries for long flight time
  • It is easy to fly 
  • Voice and gesture control for hands-free flight
  • The app works great
  • It supports both microSD card and phone for storing your photo and video footage
  • You charge the remote controller
  • Excellent build quality
  • Looks nice, stylish and flashy with nice LED lights
  • Has three speed modes – very friendly  beginners and kids

Cons of the SNAPTAIN SP660

  • Quality of the camera could be better
  • Should not be flown in the wind

Often questions about this drone: 

Can the video be saved on the app?

SNAPTAIN SP660 model supports dual storage: mobile device and micro SD card. The micro SD card needs to be bought separately. But the videos and pictures will be saved automatically, to the App and micro SD card if there is. 

Does it come with printed instructions?

Yes, in the package you will find the printed instructions, and you can also get the User Manual on pdf format on the product page. 

What is the weight of the drone by itself and does it require registering with the FAA?

Its weight is around 200g, that means you don’t have to register this drone if you live in Canada, SUA or UK.

Do you need to have WiFi to fly the drone?

Well, The SNAPTAIN SP660  has two alternative control options: 

  1. Remote control, this one do not require Wi-Fi connection; 
  2.  App control, which requires downloading and installing “Snaptain Era” into your mobile device. You need to have a WI-FI connection in this case. 

If you want to buy this drone you can find it easily on Amazon at a reasonable price. It is perfect for a beginner and it is user friendly. You don’t need to be a pro for dealing with this drone. It is an incredible product and model and I am sure you will be satisfied purchasing it. 

Price-performance ration
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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snaptain-sp660-mini-quadcopter-review SNAPTAIN SP660 Mini Quadcopter Review I could speak volumes about how much technology has changed our lives affecting all of the domains. In fact, it developed a lot in the drone industry taking into account how many models and types are now on the market....


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