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Upair One Quadcopter Review

Upair One Quadcopter

Today we will present you the UPair One Quadcopter. It’s an advanced, 4K drone for a cheap price, delivered to you from the Chinese producer GTEN Innovations. As opposed to different models of a comparative value, the UPair One isn’t a marsh standard spending plan quadcopter, with cheap materials and a standard camera. But you will see everything in this review as we reach the main specs of the UPair One Drone. 


  • Flight Time: 18 minutes
  • Camera: 120° Wide-angle 2.7K or 4K camera with CMOS Sony image sensor
  • Control Range: 2600 feet
  • Battery: 11,1V, 5400mAh
  • Charge time: 90 minutes
  • Special features: one key takeoff/land, return home, follow me

Design and build 

This is a quite large drone, both by size and by weight. When you first look at it, you will find out that it’s quite similar to the Phantom 4 Pro. The measurements are 16,9 x 16,9 x 8,7 inches, and the weight 2.98 pounds. It is to some degree tall on the grounds that the legs should belong to oblige the huge camera. The legs likewise oblige the enormous receiving wires. The camera is mounted on a gimbal and is mobile on two tomahawks. There are no propeller safeguards on this drone, so you should fly the drone extra carefully. On the rear of the drone, there is a space for the battery, which is very huge. 

Remote controller

The other great element of the UPair drone is effectively its controller. The Upair’s remote control includes a 7-inch full-shading LCD show screen. This permits you to effortlessly control your drone, yet additionally, get the first-individual perspective on all that it sees. I have consistently needed DJI to deliver their own touchscreen controller, it’s a great deal more advantageous than to join your own tablet or cell phone. Another cool element that accompanies the LCD show screen remote controller is you don’t have to download an application to see recordings or control the drone; all you require is not too far off, worked in. 

It has a dial on its upper option to control the gimbal and two catches for shooting and recording pictures and recordings. The authority manual says it has a scope of over 600m however regularly it is somewhat not as much as what is expressed by the organization, so if it’s not too much trouble, know about that.

UPair One Quadcopter and controller


The “smart” battery is very amazing, 11,1V, 5400mAh, it empowers as long as 18 minutes of flight time which has to be placed in the rear of the drone, in the devoted opening. It is not difficult to remove and insert. To fully charge the drone, it requires around 1, 5 hours to charge completely. This battery is maker exclusive, so you need to purchase spare batteries from a similar producer, and they are not modest. 

UPair One Quadcopter Battery


This model can be purchased with a 4k camera or a 2.7k camera. It costs about $50 more to get the 4k camera. Except if you take photographs professionally, it will not have any effect on which camera you pick, since the two of them shoot in High Definition. The drone can catch pictures at sixteen Mega Pixels utilizing the 4k camera, and eight Mega Pixels utilizing the 2.7k camera. 

The 4k camera has a Panasonic sensor introduced, while the sensor on the 2.7k camera is a Sony CMOS. Both of these electronic brands are legitimate, so you can be certain that the cameras will create great quality pictures. Each plays out their assignments viably, and the 120-degree wide-point focal point guarantees that you won’t ever miss a shot. 

A two-pivot gimbal is utilized to balance out the camera. Albeit this isn’t just about as viable as a three-hub gimbal, it actually forestalls any abrupt shakes that could demolish the video film or picture. Most 4k camera drones retail for about $1000, so the incorporation of such a camera on the UPair One makes it a take at the cost you pay.

UPair One Quadcopter Camera

Flight experience 

This drone might be scary for amateurs due to its huge size. The truth of the matter is that it is very simple to fly, because of many flight help highlights. Headless mode, auto take-off, and land, auto drift, fly home feature. There are so many. It has a GPS Positioning Function. The GPS framework will give you a precise situation of your drone. It is additionally coordinated into the home return work (RTH). The drone will consequently get back on the off chance that it detects the battery is low, or the sign is getting powerless or lost. 

The position hold, elevation hold, and follow-me capacities work incredibly. Indeed, even with some wind blowing, video soundness is helped by the camera gimbal framework. The exhibition that truly grabs the attention is that the picture move distance is 2600ft and the most extreme control region is 3280ft.


My SD card does not want to be read. Does it have to be formatted in a certain type?

  • It needs to be a class 10 sd card!

Is this V4? This drone has gone from Chase to V1 to 2 and 3 and I hear now V4 is available. Is this one on Amazon V4?

  • No. the latest version is Upair one plus. 

It comes with motors and all that in the drone or is yous the body of the drone?

  • It comes with everything together except a Micro SD card. Including the drone body, motors, gimbal, camera, controller, FPV screen, charges, batteries, propeller! 

Can I order this package without a cam since I already have one firefly?

  • Thanks for your interest, sorry that we do not supply drones without cameras.

Where can I download a manual?

  • Go to hobbywow.com for each Upair model where the manual can be downloaded.

How come my drone won’t get enough GPS signals?

  • Make sure you’re outside and in an open area preferably away from power lines and wifi routers also keep your tx at least 5ft from the quadcopter while trying to achieve GPS lock.

What type of warranty they have?

  • It has 2 years warranty


The UPair One kicks off something new, concerning 4K elevated photography value focuses. Moreover, it intrigues with great flight times and battery life at its cost. Besides, its programmed modes and instinctive control highlights make it easy to understand for even the most unpracticed of clients. Obviously, there are a few downsides – like a restricting gimbal and not exactly heavenly flight range — be that as it may, it fills in as an ideal drone for semi-proficient clients.

If you’re interested in the Upair One Quadcopter you can buy it from Amazon.



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