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ZLL SG907 Pro Quadcopter Review


ZLL SG907 Pro Quadcopter Review

The ZLL SG907 Pro Quadcopter is a beginner drone, a model that is simply a smaller version of the popular SG906, both of them from the Beast Pro line-up. There are many packages and many deals through which you can get this drone, but we can tell you one thing for sure: your budget will love it for sure, as it can end up very inexpensive.

Size9 x 17 x 7 cm (folded)31 x 29 x 7 cm (unfolded)
Weight285 gr
MaterialHigh quality ABS
Battery7.6V 1600mAh
Charging time2 hours
Flight time13 minutes
Flight range500 meters


The construction of the drone allows easy transportation as it is compact and durable, thanks to the highly resistant engineering plastics used. The arms are small and foldable, therefore making it easy to pack up the drone. 

The simple, matte black body makes for an attractive design that also resembles the SG906 model. If the dark colour worries you in the context of night time flying, then you should know that the drone has lights that make it impossible to lose it. 


The camera is 4K, but that number is available for photographs only. As for the videos, they can be recorded in a 2048 x 1088 resolution, at 25 FPS. A two-axis gimbal is the one responsible for stabilizing the image, and it does a pretty good job. Even so, this is true on days with calm weather only. When it is windier outside, the drone gets pushed around quite a lot, and that is too much for the gimbal to control. Therefore, the shakes and jitters will be present if the drone cannot maintain itself stable. On the other hand, on a calm day, everything will run smoothly. 


As for the quality of the photos and videos, you should not be expecting too much. This is a great drone for learning how to fly, doing tricks, and maybe a cool photo or two, but definitely not suitable for someone who intends on taking it to a professional photoshoot. You can use the camera to add to the fun, as it can be awesome to take aerial photos, but that is pretty much it. For professional results, you can look into a Mini 2 drone, for example.

Flight performance

The biggest difference between the SG907 model and the SG906 one is that the one we are reviewing has brushed motors, while the SG906 has brushless ones. The disadvantage is that the brushed ones are not as efficient, or powerful, and they usually have a shorter lifespan. Even so, they contribute a lot to the low price of the drone. 

In order to keep the drone stabilized, both GPS and optical flow technology come in handy. Saldy, as we mentioned before, they become less effective when the weather becomes windy. Nevertheless, this does not change the fact that in optimal conditions you can fully take advantage of the numerous flight modes. You also have the ZLL Fun app at your fingertips, but in order to make it work, you will need a smartphone that has 5G or AC WiFi protocol, to be able to connect it to the drone. Once you get this settled, you can enjoy FPV Real-time Transmission of 500 meters, Gesture Video/Photo, Follow Me Mode, Fixed Point Surround, One Key Takeoff/Landing, One Key Return, Headless Mode, Speed Adjust, and Waypoint Flight. 

Therefore, the possibilities are endless: while using the app, tap on any point and the drone will automatically fly to the designated point. By doing so, you can focus on the camera controls and try out some complex shots. You can also set a specific building or position as your point of interest and the quadcopter will start to circle clockwise continuously around the said preset location. The incorporated advanced GPS system will track you automatically and even capture your movement. To make this possible, the camera lens will keep pointing at your smartphone and remain at a constant distance to it. 

Remote control


The included remote control uses a 2.4GHz frequency and a 3.7V, 500mAh battery. Thanks to this battery, you can enjoy up to 5 hours of uninterrupted usage, with a charging time of only 90 minutes. 

The package of the ZLL SG907 Pro Quadcopter includes:

  • The drone itself
  • 1 body battery
  • Remote control
  • USB charging cable
  • Screwdriver
  • 8 screws
  • 2 spare propellers (a pair)
  • Multilingual user guide
  • Storage bag (optional)


Overall, this is a great beginner drone that is also budget friendly, considering the many options you have when choosing to purchase it. It is available either on Amazon, Banggood, or GeekBuying, all of them offering amazing deals. There is nothing better than being able to enjoy a superior 4K camera, all-in-one functions and a powerful, but smooth flight, all in just one quadcopter. Maybe the best feature for beginners here is the One-key Return Function, as the drone can find its way back home easily in the case of any incidents. As a last advice, please inform yourself on any local regulations on drone registering, usually depending on the weight. Other than that, you should be good to go. Have a happy and safe flight!

Price-performance ration
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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zll-sg907-pro-quadcopter-review ZLL SG907 Pro Quadcopter Review The ZLL SG907 Pro Quadcopter is a beginner drone, a model that is simply a smaller version of the popular SG906, both of them from the Beast Pro line-up. There are many packages and many deals through which you can...


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