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ZLLSG906 Max Beast Pro 3 Quadcopter Review


ZLLSG906 Max Beast Pro 3 Quadcopter Review

Following the epic achievement of the Beast drones, ZLRC just reported their fourth era named  ZLLSG906 Max Beast Pro 3 Quadcopter aka Beast 3. The main redesign of this GPS empowered foldable drone is the laser-based snag shirking module. This sensor assists with maintaining a strategic distance from crashes when the drone entertainers self-sufficient flight modes like RTH or Follow me. 

The camera is a Sony IMX179 based competent that can record at a 4K resolution with a 25 FPV. The point of the principle camera can be distantly changed to get the best outlining of your recording. Besides the quality, it also has some safety features as well. Because of the RTH work, if there should arise an occurrence of flying to far from the controller or the batteries goes low, the quadcopter will return independently to the take-off point.


  • Mavic like the foldable design;
  • Advanced Laser Obstacle Avoidance;
  • Powerful brushless motors;
  • GPS and Optical flow positioning system;
  • 4K camera with 3-axis mechanical and EIS image stabilization;
  • Fail-safe return to home (low battery or RC signal loss);
  • Smart flight modes (Follow Sourond 2.0 and Map Waypoint);
  • WiFi real-time image transmission;
  • Up to 1200 meters control range and 800 meters FPV range;
  • About 26 minutes of battery life.

What’s in the box?


Max Beast Pro 3 drone

Remote controller

Obstacle avoider

2x Drone battery

4x Spare propeller

USB cable


Screw set

User manual

Storage bag

Design and build

For me, the drone has a very aggressive look. It looks a bit like a spider with those bumpers. But the drone has a very practical build. First of all, it’s a foldable drone, so it’s easy to travel with it, which makes it an ideal drone for day to day use. 

But the most important thing about the drone is the second camera on the top. We will address that in our camera section. As for the build, the drone is made out of black ABS plastic that is really durable and steady. But The Beast Pro 3 weighs 582 grams, so you’ll need to enrol it with the FAA. The black looks really good on the drone and it was a great choice from the company. 


The Beast Pro 3 has a 26 minutes advertised flight time. However, there are a lot of influences that can minimize your battery life. So in reality you can hope to draw nearer to 15-20 minutes of flight. It has a maximum velocity of 28 mph or 45 kph. The video range is up to 800 meters and you’ll require another “5G” or AC viable telephone to get to the ZLL Pro application. 

Remote controller 

ZLRC incorporates with their SG906 PRO 3 a pleasant section level far off controller with a cool carbon finish. With the standard control sticks and force switch, there are 6 catches and a blue LCD status screen. While the control range given by the transmitter is around 1200 meters, the FPV (WIFI live video) range is just 800 meters.


The camera is a 4K camera, and yes you’ll get 4K resolution at 25 fps however I’ll take a strong 720p film from a decent camera over the 4K of the Beast Pro 3. It baffles with its 11 Mbps and a little sensor. The gimbal works really hard at settling the footage however panning here and there is jerky and catching smooth film can be troublesome. The Beast Pro 3 cases 50x zoom anyway it is advanced and doesn’t offer great detail. The camera is comparable to most drones in this value range yet will not pile up to the DJI Mini or DJI Mini 2

The Beast Pro 3 is an extraordinary thought. The camera is nice and having a genuine three-axis gimbal is a reward. Hindrance evasion is a decent thought yet I didn’t end up utilizing it much. Maybe another cycle or two of the Beast arrangement will be the drone we are searching for. I’d presumably suggest taking a gander at a Bugs model or spending somewhat less on the Beast Pro 2. Except if you like the possibility of obstruction shirking at that point try this one out.


Flight experience

The ZLL SG906 Max Beast Pro 3 is built with an obstacle avoidance system. The drone does that with the little camera like thing on the top which utilizes a laser to identify obstructions. The tests have shown that the laser did a very good job. However, there is a minor problem with it. When the drone observes something in front of him, it doesn’t go further avoiding it. It will only start beeping and stops while hovering in the air.  

Obstacle avoidance only works when the drone is in slow mode. I discover it especially sluggish and after a couple of flights eliminated the hindrance evasion. I really wound up smashing this drone once in view of the obstacle avoidance. It wouldn’t move since it detected a hindrance and the breeze drove me into a tree. However, it still flies great without the sensor on the top.

The GPS situating functions admirably however you’ll need to do a compass adjustment each time you fly or it will not fill in too. The return back home function is great, is well-built security include in the event that you need to utilize it. There are the following modes too as circle modes you can use with this drone.


The ZLL SG906 Max Beast Pro 3 is a really stylish drone that you can get for around $200 yet it will not fight with drones like the DJI Mavic Mini 2. But for a price like this, it’s a drone that is worth it. All the specs are remarkable on paper yet the execution and camera quality baffles. It is generally indistinct from the Beast Pro 2 yet adds obstacle avoidance.

You can buy the ZLLSG906 Max Beast Pro 3 Quadcopter from Amazon.

Price-performance ration
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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zllsg906-max-beast-pro-3-quadcopter-review ZLLSG906 Max Beast Pro 3 Quadcopter Review Following the epic achievement of the Beast drones, ZLRC just reported their fourth era named  ZLLSG906 Max Beast Pro 3 Quadcopter aka Beast 3. The main redesign of this GPS empowered foldable drone is the laser-based snag shirking...


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