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1808 Falcon Quadcopter Review

1808 Falcon

We are impressed by the numerous drones that have come up on the market lately but I want to talk about a particular one that triggered my attention and that is the 1808 Falcon model. Beside its small size, the 1808 Falcon has a decent camera and some nice features we are going to talk about. Let’s get straight into details and see the 1808 Falcon review!

1808 Falcon Quadcopter details

The 1808 Falcon Quadcopter has interesting features such as follow me mode, one-button takeoff – landing, altitude hold and several speed modes. It is suitable for anyone, so you do not need to be a pro in drones. It is also easy to operate. Also it is a great choice for first-time flyers. The flight time is 12 minutes with a transmission range of 60 meters. It’s fun to fly and totally inexpensive. It is made from plastic and it feels a little bit fragile so I would not recommend flying it in windy conditions. This model is also very compact and easier to get with you if you are a traveler. But pay attention because it does not have a 4 k camera. So do not expect to have 4k quality pictures. 

Having a total weight of 120g including the battery, the drone does not need to be registered if you live in the USA, Canada or the UK. If you live somewhere else, you will most probably have to register the drone. Either way, please check the reglementation in your region before any acquisition just to be sure you can fly it anywhere. The expanded form measures 28-23-5 cm. The drone package has propeller guards included which can extend the size of the drone. But, I strongly recommend attaching the propeller because it is a good protection for those who are beginners and want to gain experience in flying the drone. 

Design and motors

Overall, the design of the drone is nice, covered in two colors, but i prefer the white and black one because white gives it an elegant fresh look. On top along with the power button you will see the logo. Regarding motors, this model has brushed motors, which are not as efficient as their brushless counterparts. So, in consequence you will need to maintain them on a more regular basis to ensure they are kept in optimal conditions.

The battery and controller

The 1808 Falcon drone has a small battery, 3.7v 1100 mAh LiPo. The recharge time is around 90 minutes. if you want to extend the flight time, you can easily purchase a couple of extra batteries along with the drone. This is the main thing most drone lovers do. 

The remote controller doesn’t have the best design but it is comfortable and decent and it’s powered by 3 1.5v AA batteries.  Unfortunately, these batteries are not included in the price of the drone. So keep in mind you need to purchase some batteries for the controller if you do decide to buy the drone.

You will also find a smartphone holder that pulls out from the middle and most of the buttons are easily identified by their icons. This drone doesn’t have a huge range. It is around 60 meters however for FPV it is around 35 meters.

1808 Falcon Quadcopter features

If you want to use the drones FPV features, you will have to download the HFun app which is available on both Google and the Apple App Store. Even though the FPV seems to crash sometimes, and the flight modes are not always responding, the application is working all the time without any problem.  

HD Camera – Unfortunately, there is no 4k camera. It is a decent camera and you can take some videos and pictures with it but not at the highest quality and resolution as in the DJI INSPIRE 2 case. As you may already know, it has no stabilisation feature. This is why you will probably notice distortion in photos such as jello effects and shakiness.

Smart Flight Modes

There are some smart drones I am really interested in. 

  • follow me mode
  • waypoint mode   

These features are nice but they do not always work. Some people say that depends on how new your smartphone is. Anyway I would not put the blame on the smartphone model necessary.

Flight Performance

Try not to fly this drone in windy conditions because it is fragile. However, the flight is really good and you will not have any problems with it. This drone flies really fast and if you are a beginner I would not recommend using it at its greatest speed. It’s very easy to control, especially using  its headless mode. As a matter of fact, the 1808 Falcon Quadcopter is also a very good drone for indoor flight. 

Final impression 

This is the perfect match for a beginner. Despite being a very cheap drone, it has a lot of good features for what you pay. The package offers exactly what you need for having fun with this drone. It has the specification for a beginner but of course, everybody can try it. Do not forget to look at the camera, because it does not have a 4k and if you want good pictures, go for other drone models. If you decide to buy, I recommend you look on Aliexpress because there is a great price to take into consideration and delivery time is reasonable.    

Play time ration
Remote controller
Build Quality
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1808-falcon-quadcopter-review We are impressed by the numerous drones that have come up on the market lately but I want to talk about a particular one that triggered my attention and that is the 1808 Falcon model. Beside its small size, the 1808 Falcon has a...


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