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4DRC V9 Mini Quadcopter Review

4DRC V9 Mini Quadcopter

4DRC V9 Mini Quadcopter Review

DRONEEYE may not be the most popular brand in the drone market, but they exist. Today we will show you the 4DRC V9 Mini Quadcopter, which is an amazing little drone. The company says that the drone is a good match for beginners and kids. It has a small build and only a 720P camera. This can be fun for a younger audience, but not for adults. Also, the drone can be helpful for you to figure out how to fly and afterward move up to a greater one. For example, a 4K HD camera drone like DJI Mavic Air 2 would be incredible. Also, the cost is acceptable, so it’s available for everyone.

However, there are more disadvantages as well about this drone. When you fly the 4DRC V9 Mini you can see some shakiness in the footage. But you will find out more about the pros and cons of the drone if you read this review till the end. 


Gyro: 6-axis

Frequency: 2.4G

Channel: 4CH

Motor: 716 Brushed Coreless Motor

Battery: 3.7V 800MAH Lipo Battery (Included)

Transmitter Power: 3 x AAA Battery (Not Included)

Flight Time: about 15mins

Charging Time: 40 minutes

RC Distance: 80m

FPV Distance: 50m


Resolution: 720P

What’s in the box?

4DRC V9 Mini Drone

Remote Control

3.7V 800MAH Battery

USB Charging Cable

4 x Spare Blade

4 x Protection Cover


Design and build 

4DRC V9 Mini Quadcopter 720 camera

The drone has a great design, you can see at first sight how clean and minimalist this drone is. If you look closer, you’ll find out that it’s a foldable drone which makes it more attractive. Having a foldable drone is great. When you fold it, it becomes significantly smaller and easier to transport. The folding process is really easy and it doesn’t require any tools or strength. 

As for the design it comes in white colors with black blades, which is a really cool color combination. The material of the drone is ABS plastic, which is commonly used in drones. It’s a light but durable material which does the job perfectly. Moreover, it has two lovely LEDs at the top. They make it simple to spot when flying in low light. Last but not least, the drone has brushless motors that are really powerful and durable.

Remote controller 

Just like the drone itself, the controller is also a small and lightweight piece. It’s simple and ideal for a youngster’s hands. There are not that many buttons on the remote controller, and all of them are enabled with icons so you can easily learn the purpose of each other.  Furthermore, it accompanies a cell phone holder so you can appreciate great live video transmission. 

The maximum remote distance is only 80 metes, which is not much, and you can easily fly out of range. To power up the remote controller, you should get batteries on your own, because they are not included in the package.  


The drone comes with a 3.7V 800MAH Lipo Battery that can give the drone 15 minutes of advertised flight time. The flight time, however, can be decreased if you fly the drone continuously at a high speed and always do tricks. This behavior can lead to a decline of 2 or 3 minutes. The batteries are modular ones, so you won’t have any problem handling them. To fully charge a battery, you will need around 40 minutes. When buying this drone, make sure to look around well, because some providers can give you multiple batteries, which is a good thing to have. 


The drone comes with an HD 720P camera. Obviously, there are other mini drones with better camera quality. Nonetheless, for a children’s quadcopter, this resolution is acceptable. Furthermore, little as the camera is, you can likewise appreciate an FPV experience. Accordingly, you can perceive what the airplane sees as it flies. Be that as it may, the transmission range is little. 

On the off chance that you take photos during the daytime, they will be acceptable. Not much, yet they should assist your youngsters with getting their foot into airborne photography. To appreciate live video transmission, you need to utilize your cell phone. What’s more, you need to download the DRONEEYE application. 


You’ll be surprised how many features this drone has. The flight features will help you to have a more stable flight thus better images. The features this drone has are the following: Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, 3D Flips, Gesture Control. Mastering these features may not be easy, but as soon as you got used to it, you will unleash the full potential of this drone. 


Does the app work on Android devices?
  • Yes 

Can it be used indoors?

  • Yes, it can be used indoors. It’s small enough to fly inside and outside. 

Does this drone has follow me mode?

  • No

Dose it come whit a charger?

  • It comes with a configuration USB charging cable. 

What is the name of the app used?

  • 4DRC


You can’t turn out badly with the DRONEEYE 4DRC V9 Mini quadcopter. Nonetheless, it is a little toy-class drone with some nice specs, for a low price. However it has some disadvantages, so make sure you don’t fly it in strong winds and don’t fly too far away. If you pay attention to these, you will be able to use them for a long time.

IF you’re interested in buying the 4DRC V9 Mini Quadcopter you can buy it from Amazon or Aliexpress.

Price-performance ration
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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4drc-v9-mini-quadcopter-review 4DRC V9 Mini Quadcopter Review DRONEEYE may not be the most popular brand in the drone market, but they exist. Today we will show you the 4DRC V9 Mini Quadcopter, which is an amazing little drone. The company says that the drone is a good...


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