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Deerc D50 Quadcopter Review

Deerc D50 from above

Have you been on the hunt for a good camera beginner drone? We might have just the perfect solution for you: the Deerc D50 Quadcopter. Sure enough, you would not want something that is too childish, but not too boring either. Therefore, the Deerc D50 would be a great option, as it has a nice, serious aspect, and many flight functions that will keep the drone in your possession for many months, even after you have learnt the basics of flying.

Size32 x 32 x 11 cm
Weight178 grams
Camera2K UHD
Battery2 x 3.7V 1500mAh LiPo
Flight time12 minutes per battery
Charging time90 minutes

Deerc D50: Design

As we mentioned before, the drone has a classic design, that focuses on details. The material used is ABS plastic, that is rather durable, but will not be able to support too much pressure from the crashes. With this mind, make sure that you shield the drone from as many dangers as possible.

You can also notice the landing pads, that do a great job at supporting and maintainig a clear zone between the Deerc D50 and the ground. A slight design disadvantage is that even though each motor arm is outfitted with brushed motors, they are not foldable. Therefore, you should be careful about the backpacks you might choose for storage and travelling. Other than this, there are no other issues, design-wise. You can also notice the LED lights on the fron and back motor arms. They are differentiated ny color, so the front ones anre blue, while the back ones are red. This helps with both identification, especially during the nighttime, and being able to identify the sides.

Deerc D50: Camera

The feature that makes the Deerc D50 extra special is the incorporated 2K UHD camera that almost sounds too good to be true for the price point. With a photo resolution of 2048 x 1152, video recording at 30 FPS, and a wide field of view at 120 degrees, it offers a qualitative FPV experience. The colors and lighting are somewhat average, and you will need to store the footage in your phone, since the Deerc D50 does not support a SD card. Other than this, you need to adjust the camera manually, as the drone does not have a GPS module in order to be able to perform remote capabilities. You can do so vertically from 0 to 90 degrees.

Deerc D50: Battery and Flight time

The 12 minutes of flight time per battery, so in total 24 minutes, offers just enough time to enjoy the functions that the Deerc D50 has. Even so, it is important to know that the time might modify depending on the pressure you put on the drone. When the battery starts to run low, you will hear a beep on your remote controller, which is the signal that you should land your drone before it fully drains. The charge time is 90 minutes, and considering this is a modular battery, you will have to take it out of the drone in order to connect it to a power source. This is no reason for concern though, as it is easy to remove and insert, and also safe to handle.

Deerc D50: Flight performance

While the camera truly is impressive, we also need to focus on what actually makes a drone good: its flight performance. The Deerc D50 can handle light to moderate winds with ease, thanks to its slightly bigger weight and the power provided by the modular battery. Also, you can enjoy flying it both indoors and outdoors. Even though this model can not be considered a smart camera drone because of the lack of GPS module, it still holds many features that make it more than fun to fly.

Headless Mode

With this, you can switch the orientation of the flight controls on the remote controller. Therefore, instead of flying based on the direction that the face of the drone is flying at, you will be able to fly from your perspective, and based on the direction that you are pushing the remote controller levers.

Gravity Mode

This is one of the cool modes, that allows you to fly the Deerc D50 through your smartphone, instead of the remote controller. All you need to do is tilt your phone in the direction that you want your drone to move to and nothing more!

One Key Button

Especially thought for beginners, this mode simplifies the flight operations. You can take off and land by simply pressing a button on your controller, without having to worry if the drone will make it out in one piece when you decide to land. These maneuvers require a certain dexterity that only pilots with a little bit of experience can handle gracefully. Until then, you have this saving grace.

Tap Fly Mode

This is another interesting feature, that takes controlling the drone out of the ordinary. You can fly by tapping around on your phone’s screen, which displays the live footage from the drone’s camera. Pretty cool, right?

Speed Mode

Another helpful tool for beginners, the Deerc D50 offers 4 speed modes for a smooth and gradual learning curve, that dodges any crashes. When you first turn on the drone, it will be on the lowest speed setting, so that you can accommodate with the commands. As you learn more and more, you can adjust these settings to challenge yourself and master even more complicated techniques.

Gesture Mode

With this mode, it has never been easier to capture photos. Think about it, maybe you are on a family trip and you want to capture a really cool shot with everybody. While the others will be cute and smiling, you will ruin the photo by holding the controller in your hand. This is no longer an issue with the Deerc D50, as you can set aside the controller for a minute, and capture a photo by simply waving your hand at the camera, for example.

I would like to know…

Is it waterproof?


Is it noisy?


What app is needed with this drone?

With the Deerc D50, you will need the Deerc FPV app.

What is the maximum transmission distance?

About 50 meters.

The package of the Deerc D50 includes:

  • The drone itself
  • Transmitter
  • 2 x 3.7V 1500mAh batteries
  • 4 extra propellers
  • 4 blades guards
  • USB charging cable
  • Manual
  • Screwdriver

If you want to see for yourself how good this drone actually is, you can find it on Amazon for a great deal. Let us know about your experience with it and how much it has helped you become a better pilot!

Price-performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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deerc-d50-quadcopter-review Have you been on the hunt for a good camera beginner drone? We might have just the perfect solution for you: the Deerc D50 Quadcopter. Sure enough, you would not want something that is too childish, but not too boring either. Therefore, the Deerc...


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