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Dragonfly KK13 Quadcopter Review

Dragonfly KK13 Quadcopter

Dragonfly KK13 Quadcopter Review

With an amazing foldable design and a very protective build, Dragonfly KK13 Quadcopter has some really impressive features also that will impress its customers for sure. Dragonfly company is well known for creating decent drones at affordable prices, but this one is a little more than that. It features a 4k camera, brushless motors, intelligent flight modes and many other important features which we will talk about in this article. 

So if you are looking to upgrade your drone, or if you want to impress someone with an amazing gift, Dragonfly KK13 Quadcopter can be a perfect choice. So, let’s begin.

Design and Built-in

KK13 quadcopter surprises with a very beautiful design. It has a compact shape and a futuristic look, being pretty similar to the popula Parrot Anafi Quadcopter. The main body and its rotor arms have a beautiful black color, while its camera will capture your attention firstly, having a clear white color. 

It is a medium size drone, measuring 10.2 x 9.2 x 4.4 inches and it weighs 350g without battery. As we previously mentioned, it is also foldable. By being a foldable drone and also by having these measurements, carrying it around will not represent a problem.

At the end of each rotor arm you will find the drone’s motors. Below these motors the drone has some helpful landing legs. The landing legs also have built-in LED lights that will help you to identify the drone easily. The LED lights situated in the front side have a green color, while the rear ones are red. This way you will always know which side your drone is facing. 

Dragonfly KK13 Quadcopter

4K Camera

One of the greatest aspectects that makes drones so special is their cameras. They allow you to capture and record the world from an aerial perspective easily. Because of that, having a good camera on your drone is an important factor. 

Luckily the Dragonfly KK13 Quadcopter comes with a decent camera which is presented as a 4K one. This camera can capture stunning images at a great resolution of 3840 x 2160. But, when it comes to recording, it can perform only 2k videos at a resolution of 2592 x 1920 at 25 fps. Taking into consideration its price, this camera is amazing, offering to the drone a great advantage from its competitors. 

The camera is stabilized by a 2-axis gimbal which will make sure that you will get some smooth and unshaken recordings. The camera also has a wide-angle view which can be remotely adjusted 170 degrees so you can capture the best angles. 

You can also enjoy the FPV experience offered by this drone. You will have a 720P resolution for your real time video transmission. The FPV range that this drone can reach is 700 meters, which is quite good. 

Battery and Flight Time

This drone will offer you a total flight time of around 25 minutes. It is an amazing amount of time that you will usually find on more professional drones. Dragonfly KK13 Quadcopter is powered by a 7.6V 3000mAh battery which will take 6h to be fully charged. It is a pretty long charging time for a drone battery, but you might consider purchasing a second battery and the problem will be solved. 

Flight Performance 

The drone has a control range of around 1.2 Km. It is very easy to control, very responsive and it also has some really impressive flight functions. These functions are both for advanced users and for beginners in order to improve the quality of flight the drone offers.

Optical flow positioning is a great flight feature that will help you capture better footage. This feature will enhance the drone’s precision when it is hovering and flying, making it easier to control. 

Dragonfly KK13 Quadcopter sensor and camera

 There are also safety features on this drone such as GPS return or one button takeoff and landing. The GPS return shows you where your drone is located and it also brings the drone back to you if you press the return home key. This way you can make sure that your drone will not be lost. 

More than that, the drone can also perform some intelligent flight modes such as: Trajectory flight, circle mode and follow me mode. These modes will help you capture more interesting video recordings from better angles. Trajectory flight will make the drone follow by itself a path chosen by you, so you can focus better and capture the best angles for your images and recordings. 


To sum up, Dragonfly KK13 Quadcopter is a promising drone that has a lot to offer. Either you are a beginner or a more experienced drone enthusiast, this drone can be a great choice. Its camera works pretty decent, the battery offers a great flight time, and it is easy to control. So if you are looking for a decent drone without spending a lot of money, KK13 is a great choice. 

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