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Drocon DC-08 Quadcopter Review

Drocon DC-08 Quadcopter Review

For everyone who’s searching for a medium-sized customer drone with a full HD camera, advanced features, and a long flight distance for both FPV and remote but doesn’t want to break the bank the Drocon DC-08 Quadcopter is here. It is smooth and gorgeous, as it has an excellent form. Also, that isn’t all that there to this drone. It accompanies a lot more highlights, which make it such a delight for novices just as experienced clients to fly. 


  • APP Compatibility: Android 8.0.0 and above; iOS 12.3.1 and above
  • Flight Time: 12-15 minutes
  • Charging Time: 4-5 hours 5V 2A
  • Wi-Fi Distance: 500M (Outdoor and Unobstructed)
  • 5G Transmission Distance: 450m(Outdoor And Unobstructed)
  • Dimensions: 390x190x330mm/ 15.6×13.2×7.6 inches.
  • Camera: Lens: FOV 120° 60°Gimbal
  • Resolutions: HD 1920x1080P
  • FAA needed for your aircraft weighs more than 0.55 lbs. (250 grams) and less than 55 lbs. (25 kg)

Design and build 

The drone measures 15.6×13.2×7.6 inches. This is somewhat huge when you’re comparing it to foldable drones. The only bad thing about this is the fact in the event that you need to pack it for traveling, it will be unpleasant to bring another drone backpack just for this quadcopter. Due to the weight of the drone, you’ll have to register it to the FAA in the event that you will utilize it in North America. 

The producer has utilized excellent materials in the development of the drone. The structure is made of ABS plastic. This doesn’t break under tension. Subsequently, regardless of whether the drone drops or crashes onto a hindrance in its way, it will come out flawless. 


This drone is sold with a high limit battery of 3000mAh. You will appreciate around 15 minutes of flight time. This is a secluded battery so it is not difficult to eliminate and embed. It likewise has a keen battery screen that figures the measure of time left in the battery and cautions you so you can bring the drone home. In the event that you are late to bring it back home, the drone will naturally get back once the battery goes down. 

Any time that the drone is flying, it interfaces with 12 GPS satellites. This is the means by which it can get back naturally, guaranteeing that it never gets lost. 

The charging time is excessively long at a limit of 5 hours. Utilize the provided charger. In the future, you could possibly arrange at least two batteries on the off chance that you might want to appreciate longer flight time. Right now, however, there are no extra batteries.

Remote Controller 

Some love to fly their drone through the application. But for those who don’t want to do that there is a well-built remote controller. You will cherish utilizing the basic 7-button distance controller. It is light in weight, its batteries are not difficult to purchase and it has a long flight range. The buttons and the joysticks are not difficult to utilize. They react very well without feeling excessively delicate. Regardless of whether you utilize the application to fly the drone or the controller, you ought to appreciate how it flies. 

At last, the distant controller is made of a similar material used to make the actual drone, so it ought to withstand misuse well overall.  


The DROCON-DC 08 quadcopter accompanies a great 1080P camera. You can take HD pictures and recordings with it. Simultaneously, you appreciate a greater field of view at 120 degrees. There is likewise a 60-degree gimbal, which keeps the camera all around adjusted in any event, when the drone inclines in flight. 

The drone additionally gives you an ideal first individual view (FPV) over 5G WiFi. In the event that you fly the drone in an unmistakable space outside, you can appreciate live video transmission over a distance of up to 450 meters. That is a sizable amount of distance to get live video transmission. You should utilize your Android or iOS versatile for this since the far-off controller doesn’t have an LCD screen. Simply ensure your cell phone has android adaptation 8.0.0 or newer. 


The drone accompanies a couple of cutting-edge technologies that will permit you to fly it without hands and furthermore limit the dangers of losing the drone in mid-flight. 

These highlights incorporate the accompanying: 

GPS – This will permit the drone to fly all the more easily, have a superior floating capacity, permit you to follow the drone on the application, and furthermore fly it independently with its two shrewd flight modes. 

Orbit mode – This is one of the drone’s brilliant flight modes, when this mode is initiated the drone will bolt onto your position and circle your self-rulingly. 

Follow me – Does precisely as it sounds, the drone will bolt onto your cell phone and follow you from behind. 

Return home – This is the element that will limit the dangers of losing your drone, it very well may be actuated physically by pressing the re-visitation of home catch on the far-off controller or application. It will likewise be actuated naturally on the off chance that you lose association with the drone or if the battery charge gets excessively low. 

If it’s not too much trouble, know that occasionally the keen flight modes don’t generally work, this is essentially in light of the fact that the application is somewhat carriage, another explanation is that the GPS sign might be feeble where you need to fly.


Does this come with replacement propeller mounting plates? Past drones I have used and the mounting plates broke.

  • I only got extra props with mine. Wrecked it twice and nothing broke. 

How long is the typical flight time with the camera attached?

  • It usually flies around 13-15 mins, but one time it took me a bit more time to calibrate and search the GPS signals so it flew around 10 mins.  

How do you link Remote with the drone? Brand new and remote does not communicate with the drone. No beeps or sound when trying to calibrate and 0 movements.

  • Power on the drone and within 10 seconds, power on the controller. 

I would like to get this for my son who is 10. He doesn’t have a phone yet. Can he use his iPad?

  • Of course, the DROCON GO app could work with an iPad. 

Does this support an SD card? 

  • This drone can support an SD card, max to 32GB, the slot is on the camera. 

Does the camera has night vision?

  • No 

How much weight can the drone carry?

  • Not sure, the drone is kinda sluggish so I’m thinking it won’t take much weight at all. 


This drone offers great flight execution, takes great video film in the daytime, and has a long FPV distance. Be that as it may, there are a few proposals to remember. One of them is to peruse the client manual distinctly before you can fly it. It will tell you the best way to amass and utilize the drone. Also, purchase a microSD card to store your recording, and thirdly, fly the drone in the daytime and in open spaces to keep away from crashes. 

If you’re interested, you can buy the Drocon DC-08 Quadcopter from Amazon.

Play time
Remote controller
Build Quality
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drocon-dc-08-quadcopter-review For everyone who’s searching for a medium-sized customer drone with a full HD camera, advanced features, and a long flight distance for both FPV and remote but doesn’t want to break the bank the Drocon DC-08 Quadcopter is here. It is smooth and gorgeous,...


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