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Eachine x73 FPV Racing Quadcopter Review

Eachine x73 FPV Racing Quadcopter

  Eachine x73 FPV Racing Quadcopter Review

Tinny whoops and racing quadcopters are gaining popularity rapidly, among their users. They are relatively affordable and also they offer lots of fun when you are flying them. Usually, a large number of racing drones on the market have a large size and they will cost somewhere around $200. Is not the same for the nano quadcopters. They are using the advanced technology in order to offer an amazing First Person View racing experience, at a very affordable price. Of course you will not get the same amount of flight time, but you will have lots of fun for sure.  

Because of that in today’s article we are going to review the Eachine X73 FPV Racing Quadcopter, which is a great nano drone produced by the Eachine company. 


  • Camera –  Eachine 600 TVL AOI cam
  • Battery – LiPo 1S 600 mAh, 3.7 V which is not included
  • Weight – 40 grams
  • Flight time – 5 minutes 
  • Motors – 7016 brushed motors
  • Suze – 105mm
  • Propeller guards – included in the frame
  • Sensors – accelerometer and Gyro

Box content 

  • 1 x The Eachine X73 FPV Racing Quadcopter 
  • 1 x Serial to USB dongle

Design and Built-in

When it comes to its design the Eachine X73 FPV Racing Quadcopter comes with a pretty joyfull look. It looks a little fragile, but it is well protected by its propeller guards. Its design looks similar to the popular Emax Nanohawk Tinywhoop, but its camera is different. The small drone comes in a beautiful yellow color that will capture anyone’s attention when you fly it. 

A great thing about this racing drone is that its camera and motors have plugs. Because of that you can easily replace them if you will have to. It measures 105mm and weighs only 40 grams, so you will have to check the weather conditions before flying it outdoors. It might easily be blown off by a strong wind.


The camera on this drone is a 600 TVL CMOS camera. It is similar to the camera model used for the QX’s series. The camera has a great quality offering you an amazing FPV experience. It has a small size so it will not be a great consumer of power. It also has some beautiful wide-angle lenses with an amazing field of view and it can perform from a great range with no problem. 

Eachine x73 FPV Racing Quadcopter camera


The motors that power this drone are some 7mm x 16mm brushed ones. They are coreless motors and have a super light weight. They can be easily replaced  and thanks to the 1.23 mini JST connectors the motor maintenance is very easy to do. 

Flight performance

If you have ever flown a nano drone you know how great the experience is. Eachine X73 FPV Racing Quadcopter will offer you an amazing experience as well. It is very fast and powerful for its small size. It also has an amazing precision that will help you fly it between the smallest obstacles. You can fly it indoors and outdoors with no problem. 

This drone comes with a built in accelerometer. It can perform 2 flight modes depending on the flight controller. Acro and normal. You can use these modes in order to get use with controlling this drone. Another important thing about it is that it offers an easy to control flight, and it has great stability due to its built in Gyro. 

A bad part about this drone is that you will have to buy the transmitter separately. You can opt it for an fsi6 transmitter which is great for this drone. This controller will offer you the possibility to program throttle curves and trims endpoints. It also has many other impressive features that will help you get the most out of your flight experience. 


To sum up, we can say that the Eachine X73 FPV Racing Quadcopter is a really impressive racing drone. Its price is amazing for what it can offer. The FPV experience offered by its 600 CMOS camera is really decent. Also, the flight control you can perform over this drone is hard to compare with other quads. So if you are interested in purchasing it you can find it at a great price on eachine.com

Price-performance ration
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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