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GoolRC T700 Mini Quadcopter Review

GoolRC T700 Mini

GoolRC T700 Mini Quadcopter Review

While drone technology becomes more and more advanced, they are also starting to be more affordable, and therefore accessible, for everyone. One type of drones that are especially popular are the selfie drones. The well-known manufacturer did not fall behind with this request and came forward with the GoolRC T700 Mini Quadcopter For Kids. This means the features are very easy to understand and maneuver, so it is a great choice for both kids and beginners in general.

Size145 x 130 x 40 mm
Weight55 g
Battery3.7V 500mAh
Flight time6 minutes
Charging time60 minutes


The first thing you notice about this drone is the strong contrast in colors: jet black around its main body framework and white on the sides toward the camera and motor arms. The protective design is made up from two components, one, the curved shape, and two, the durable ABS plastic used as the build material. This makes the drone both corrosion and wear resistant. Also, each motor includes soft, rubber pads that have the purpose of softening the impact both on landing or in the case of a crash. 

Speaking of the shape, not only does it provide extra protection, but it also has an aerodynamic feature, as it reduces air drag and maximizes airflow. By combining these two together, the result is a better performance, that will be detailed later on in the article. 

Like most other beginner drones, there are built-in LED lights that are meant to help with visual assistance and positioning. Therefore, it will be easy to spot the drone during both daytime and nighttime. 

GoolRC T700 Mini 720p wifi FPV


You might think that a drone this small and simple might not have too many features. Well, this is not the case with the T700 Mini, that also comes with a 720p fixed camera, always ready to snap a picture. The fact that it is fixed might be a little disappointing, but this is frequently met in drones within this price range. It is always incredibly fun to be able to take a photo or video from an unique angle, something you would never be able to do with just a phone. Either you want to add to the family memories or you are just looking to add something to your portfolio, having a drone with this kind of camera is always a great choice.

With an advanced barometric pressure technology, it is incredibly easy to maintain stability while shooting, so there is no shaking or blurring visible, and your content will always be flawless. You also have the opportunity to watch the world from a bird’s-eye point of view, thanks to the FPV experience, as the quadcopter has built-in WiFi FPV real-time transmission. This can be done by connecting the drone to the phone, through the designated app. 


Maybe the most impressive thing about this quadcopter is how fast and nimble it is. This would not be possible without the modularized battery, that is able to deliver the power more efficiently, and therefore creating a better performance while reducing battery drain. This will ensure you an up to 7 minutes of flight time, which means just enough time to have a whole day’s worth of fun. Considering the fact that the drone comes with two batteries, you can double this time if they are both charged. You just swap them and you are done!

GoolRC T700 Mini drone controller 2 batteries

Flight performance

This drone was thought in such a manner to be easy to fly and also create hours long of fun time for both beginners and kids. Therefore, the built-in barometer that we mentioned earlier detects changes in air pressure and adjusts the height level accordingly. This is so the pilots do not need to worry about maintaining a certain height, but only to focus on learning how to maneuver the drone and discover what tricks it can perform. On top of this, with brushed motors under the hood, there are also a number of intelligent functions that make the overall experience even more exciting. 

Headless mode

This makes the GoolRC T700 Mini no longer consider its own orientation, and perform the commands only from the pilot’s point of view. This is incredibly helpful for kids and beginners, as the orientation of the drone can be quite difficult to tell at first, and it can also be the last thing you are thinking about when flying a drone for the first time. Therefore, unwanted accidents can be avoided through this function.

3D flip

This is basically what the name says. The quadcopter can perform 3D flips at just the touch of a button.

Trajectory flight

This is a useful feature for taking photos and videos. Basically, you can draw the flight path you want your drone to follow on the app, and it will do so without you making any commands. Therefore, you can focus on the camera and the view.

One key takeoff and landing

Another highly useful feature for beginners, it means that the drone will rise up and then land by just pressing a button. This is very helpful when you have not learnt these types of maneuvers yet, and you would not want to shoot the drone up in the sky on your first flight.

Emergency stop

An important safety feature, it shuts down the drone when you think you no longer have control of it. Sure, there might be a possibility for the propellers to bend from the impact, but it is more preferred to replace a bent propeller than lose the drone.

Among these great features, you will also find it possible to switch from low to high speed and benefit from a G-sensor. On top of this, the drone is incredibly responsive to the controls and has a 6-axis gyro that makes every move smooth. It also makes it very stable, even in windy conditions. Thanks to the size and weight, it can even be flown indoors without any issues. Just make sure there are not any fragile things around! It is controlled through a 2.4GHz wireless remote controller, that has a control distance of about 40 to 50 meters.

I would like to know…

Does it have MicroSD storage?


Which app should be downloaded?


Can the LED lights be turned off?

No, they are always on. 

What is the size of the battery?

It is 4.65 x 2.1 x 0.9 cm.

The package of the GoolRc T700 Mini quadcopter includes:

  • The drone itself
  • Remote controller
  • 2 x 3.7V 500mAh batteries
  • USB cable
  • 4 protective rings
  • 4 spare propellers
  • User manual


In conclusion, the GoolRC T700 Mini can be a great gift for a kid, as it has a high number of safety measures. What is best is that among other things, the thing that this drone is centered around is fun. So there is a guaranteed quality time, even if it is just 6 minutes long. Also, the price you can get it for makes more than a great deal, which can be found on Amazon. Have a fun and safe flight!

Price-performance ration
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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goolrc-t700-mini-quadcopter-review GoolRC T700 Mini Quadcopter Review While drone technology becomes more and more advanced, they are also starting to be more affordable, and therefore accessible, for everyone. One type of drones that are especially popular are the selfie drones. The well-known manufacturer did not fall behind...


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