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MJX Bugs 19 Mini Quadcopter Review

MJX Bugs 19 Mini Quadcopter

The MJX Bugs 19 Mini Quadcopter is the most up-to-date drone in the mini quadcopter category. Drones that weigh under 250 grams have fewer limitations in numerous nations and offer benefits past their more modest size. 

DJI is a big expert in this category who already made two mini models. The DJI Mavic Mini and the Mavic Mini 2. Xiaomi and Hubsan have followed after accordingly with their own variants of Mini drones. Presently it is MJX’s chance at the sub-250 gram Mini. The MJX Bugs arrangement has produced a modest bunch of good-worth robots and the B19 resembles another winner.  

Design and build 

This will be a GPS drone that will likewise include optical stream sensors for added dependability. The Bugs 19 will utilize 1503, 2900KV engines which is a perfect choice for this drone. Because of its weight, the engine works really well. A bigger engine may drain the battery faster and a smaller one may not be powerful enough.

The drone is made out of ABS plastic, which is a durable and light material that is often used for drones. The plastic has a light grey color which looks simple and stylish. Also, it has foldable arms so it’s easier to transport.

This would be an incredible amateur drone, particularly in the event that it falls in the sub $200 territory as there is nothing right now at this value range with these capacities under 250 grams. With a weight 


The drone comes with a 7.7V 1800 mAh battery It gives you a longer flight experience. 25-min max flight time with the. The battery is a modular one and it’s easy to remove or insert. To have more flight time you can buy a battery to have a longer flight time.


The controller provided with the drone is also a small little hardware which does his job really well. On its front side, there are two main joysticks and some buttons. The buttons are enabled with small icons so you will know the purpose of each other. There is also a small screen on the controller to tell you some basics telemetry information about the drone.

We anticipate a scope of 800 meters, yet the FPV video feed being about a large portion of that distance. To get the PFV for this drone, you’ll have to download the provided app from the drone manufacturer.


There are two adaptations of the MJX Bugs 19. The B19 4K and the B19 EIS. The contrast between the two is by all accounts restricted to the camera resolution. The B19 4K gives off an impression of being ready to shoot a 4K video, while the B19 is restricted to 1080p. Both ought to use MJX’s electronic picture adjustment to help smooth out the insecure film. 

Flight experience 

The Bugs 19 has some flight features which will provide you some better footage. One of the most used and most useful features which this drone can do too is the follow me mode. With this feature, you can record yourself or any moving object without holding the controller in your hand. You will find a similar flight feature called orbit mode. With this feature, you also set an object, (it’s better if the object or the person is not moving) and the drone will start to make circles around the object.

The drone has another feature Tapfly which is another automated feature that will let you set a course to your drone, that he will follow. And last but not least the drone has a return homie feature. With this, the drone will land in the exact same location you took of the drone. It’s pretty useful when the battery is going low, or when you’re near the maximum flight range. 


This is a great drone for both beginners and semi-professional pilots. With the 4K camera, you’ll be able to make great footage in a high resolution. Also, the drone is foldable, thus very practical to transport, and with the flight features, you have a pretty easy job to make awesome footage. It’s not the best drone you can get, because some drones like above mentioned Mavic Mini has a longer flight time and range, and the camera resolution is slightly better. But the Bugs 19 has a great price-value ratio. 

Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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