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Teeggi M71 Quadcopter Review

Teeggi M71 Quadcopter

The Teeggi M71 Quadcopter is a multifunctional drone for every user group. Since the Teeggi M71 drone is so easy to control, even children can use it. It’s very similar to one of our recently reviewed drones, the Tomzon A31, except this one is a camera drone. 

 Another safety feature why the Teeggi M71 can be used for children is the 200 feet maximum range. Therefore the drone won’t be able to go too far away from you.

The cost of this quadcopter is moderate. On the off chance that you are searching for an ideal present for your high school child or girl to acquaint them with the drone side interest, this won’t scratch your wallet. But with the low costs comes some low features as well. 


  • Drone Weight: 120g (4.2oz)
  • Dimension: 23x23x5.5 cm/9x9x2.1 inch
  • Max Flight Time: 15 Mins
  • Charging Time: about 90 Mins
  • Max Control Range: 60m/196ft
  • Video Transmission Range: 60m/196ft
  • Battery Capacity: 3.7V 1100mAh
  • Camera: 1080p(front), 480p(bottom)
  • Max Supported TF Card: Does not support memory card

What’s in the box?

M71 Drone with 1080p Camera

2x 1100mAh battery


USB Charger

Landing Gear (Not 4pcs)

Spare Blades


English Manual 

Design and build 

First of all, this is a foldable quadcopter, which makes it simple to pack and store. So if you would like to bring the drone with you on a trip, there won’t be a problem. Since the airplane likewise accompanies a capacity case, going with it or putting away it is simple. The case additionally has a fit pocket on the upper fold to store its extras. 

This is a lightweight drone that weighs simply 120g. Consequently, you won’t have to enlist it with the FAA since it is far beneath the limit of 250g. You just have to calibrate it and fly it without any problem.

Before you fly the quadcopter, you should fit the landing gear toward the front. You will see that it accompanies two-piece landing gear rather than four. From that point onward, simply adjust it and fly it. The directions for adjustment are in the user’s manual. 

The drone accompanies amazing brushless motors. They give it an amazing exhibition, great speed and they likewise keep going quite a while. Brushless engines additionally make a negligible commotion and they likewise burn through less voltage.

Remote controller 

You will adore the oversimplified plan of the remote controller and the cleaned-up UI. It likewise has a foldable cell phone holder that can fit nearly all cell phone sizes. The holder opens up on the upper side of the remote controller, which implies that you don’t need to take your eyes a lot off the cell phone when you are flying the drone. 

The remote controller distance and control range is around 60 meters. What’s more, you need to purchase 3 AA batteries to utilize the remote controller. The significant keys for various capacities and the typical joysticks are on the remote controller.

Teeggi M71 Quadcopter Remote controller


The Teeggi M71 RC accompanies two batteries for a longer flight time. Each 1100mAh battery will allow you 12 minutes of flight time. A portion of the components that assistance in dragging out the flight time incorporate the low weight of the drone just as the brushless engines. 

Since these are modular batteries, they charge outside the quadcopter. Additionally, when the battery is charging, you will see the charger light. When it is full, the charger light goes off. Subsequently, it is easy to know when the battery is charging. The charging time for one battery is an hour and a half, which appears to be very acceptable in the event that you will get 12 minutes of flight time. 

The battery is additionally protected to deal with and it has cheat insurance. Every battery likewise accompanies its own charging link. We suggest that you utilize the gave link to charging the batteries. At the point when the battery voltage gets low, a light on the remote controller squints to caution you. After the low battery ready, the drone can fly for three minutes tops, so you need to bring it home before three minutes are out.

Teeggi M71 Quadcopter battery


The Teeggi M71 has not one but two cameras. The main camera, on the nose, is a 1080P HD one, while the base camera is 480P.  The second camera is mostly for the positioning, you wonțt be able to make enjoyable footage with it.

The producer additionally says that when the quadcopter is in flight, you can change from the nose to the paunch camera on the application. Nonetheless, a few clients additionally whine that they can’t discover the application on the play store. 

In the event that you can discover the application, you will appreciate a decent FPV experience. You can perceive what the drone can see as it flies over. In the daytime, you can get a good film from the camera. Be that as it may, you should store the entirety of your recording in your cell phone on the grounds that the drone doesn’t have a space for an SD card. 

Flight features 

Besides the low price and flight range, this is not a toy drone. This is supported by the number of flight features available on this drone. This drone comes with the most important functions for its price as well as some fun ones. Here they are Headless Mode, Gesture Shooting, One key takeoff and landing, Trajectory Flight, Optical Flow Positioning, 360-Degree Rolls. 


Where is it made?

It was made in China 

Does it have any LED lights?

Yes, the drone has 4 LED lights, which can be seen clearly at night. 

What is the name of the app that is used with this drone?

The APP name of the M71 drone is: HFUN 

Is there a case available for this drone?



At the point when you get the quadcopter, you should attach the landing gear (it should be an easy job). Furthermore, you should calibrate it each time you need to fly it. You can allude to the client manual to realize how to adjust it. With only 120g of weight, the Teeggi M71 drone is very light. Try not to fly it in the breeze. Likewise, pick a vast area to fly it so it doesn’t slam into hindrances. 

If you’re interested in the Teeggi M71 Quadcopter you can buy it from Amazon.



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