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Tomzon A31 Mini Quadcopter Review

Tomzon A31 Mini Quadcopter Review

The Tomzon A31 Mini Quadcopter is a great little drone, that can do more than you can imagine. The drone is able to do things like three-speed mode, negligible weight, and numerous programmed flight modes. Having these features makes the Tomzon A31 Mini more than just a decent toy for youngsters. 

So if you’re searching for a fun drone that doesn’t cost a fortune, you may need this one. It is a smart thought to kick your youngster off on the drone diversion. The lone drawback we may make reference to with the A31 little quadcopter for youngsters is that edges appear to break so without any problem. Numerous proprietors of this quadcopter additionally grumble that it is an elusive substitution cutting edges. 

This is an exceptionally lightweight drone. Indeed, even the littlest breeze speed will make it difficult to manage. We exhort that you fly it on a quiet day in an enormous open space or fly it inside.  Aside from that little abnormality, we track down this smaller-than-normal drone a solid match for youngsters and amateurs. Continue to peruse to see its highlights and capacities. 


  • Model: Tomzon A31
  • Battery Time: 6-8 Minutes *2
  • Charging Time: 60-80 Minutes
  • Battery: 3.8v /710mAh x2
  • Flying weight: 68g
  • Size drone: 127x158x42mm

What’s in the box? 

  • Tomzon A31 LED Drone
  • Remote Transmitter 
  • 2x Mini Drone Lithium Batteries
  • TypeC Charging Cable
  • 2x Spare Propellers Pair
  • User Manual

Design and build 

This small quadcopter isn’t foldable however the redeeming quality is that it is tiny and light in weight. It estimates 5 by 6.2 by 1.7 inches. So you can slip it into your coat pocket easily and carry it with you. The drone weighs only 68g. That is very low and you won’t have to register to the FAA. 

 Like the other Tomzon drones, like the Tomzon D25, even the A31 is made with delicate however solid ABS material. Drone creators pick ABS material due to its lightweight and tough nature. This little drone additionally comes in what the producer calls a security shape. The justification for this is those edge monitors are round fit, shielding the propellers from breaking if the drone crashes. 

From the objections stopped by others, it appears as though this is a smart thought on the grounds that these edges may be excessively sensitive. This airplane comes gathered and prepared for flight. It likewise has probably the most shocking LED lights and it can even change to various tones. 


The Tomzon A31 accompanies two 3.7 710mAh batteries to twofold the flight time. Every battery will give you a flight season of 6 to 8 minutes. Subsequently, at best and without doing stunts like flips, the two batteries will allow you 16 minutes of flight time. 

The battery can be easily removed and inserted. These are modular ones, so no dangerous part is exposed. Therefore even kids can handle and change the batteries. They likewise accompany a meager charging link and every battery can charge in a limit of 80 minutes. In the event that you do 3D flips, the voltage will go down quicker. 

Remote controller 

This is a very small remote controller, so for everyone with big hands, it might seem a bit uncomfortable. It utilizes three AAA batteries, which you need to purchase independently. Notwithstanding, you will respect the shortsighted plan that accompanies a couple of keys that serve various capacities. 

For youngsters, the remote controller is wonderful in view of its little size and lightweight plan. The shortsighted plan additionally makes the remote controller simple to use since it can’t confound a child. Furthermore, the bundle accompanies a client manual, which makes everything so straightforward. 


This isn’t a camera drone since there is no notice of the camera on the producer’s site. In this manner, you can just have a good time flying the drone over its short. At this value, you can get one for every individual from the family so you can have some good times flying it together.

Flight features 

As we mentioned before, the drone has flight features like One key landing, Return home, Altitude hold, Headless mode, Speed modes. It’s very rare to see this many features in a toy-grade drone, that has these small dimensions and low price. 


How long does it take to charge the battery? 

The battery charging time is about 65 mins and the flight time is about 7.5 mins 

Is it infrared? 

This mini drone is controlled by remote, not by palm. And the remote control controls the drone through the antenna 

Does this drone require FAA registration?

No need. 

The RC quadcopter is made outdoors or indoors? 

This drone for kids is specially designed for indoor entertainment. 

If I buy 2 will the paring to the remotes get crossed? Or can I pair them individually so that doesn’t happen? 

You can open and connect the drone with the remote one by one then they won’t affect each other.


If you’ve never flown a drone before, try flying it at low-speed mode. At the point when you figure out how it flies, you can attempt the quicker velocities. Try not to fly the drone in windy conditions since it can fly away and never return. Simultaneously, it may lose its solidness in even the most minimal speed wind. 

The engines are brushed so they may feel somewhat boisterous. Accordingly, fly it away from pets so it doesn’t scare them. For a low cost and the many flight works, the Tomzon A31 little drone for youngsters merits having. The 3D flips make it amazing to fly. 

You can buy the drone from Amazon.

Price-performance ration
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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tomzon-a31-mini-quadcopter-review The Tomzon A31 Mini Quadcopter is a great little drone, that can do more than you can imagine. The drone is able to do things like three-speed mode, negligible weight, and numerous programmed flight modes. Having these features makes the Tomzon A31 Mini more...


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