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Eachine E013 Micro Quadcopter Review

Eachine E013 Micro Quadcopter flying

Even though the Eachine E013 Micro Quadcopter does not have as many and versatile features like other models, thanks to its FPV function, the fun is more than guaranteed. Also, what we can already tell is that the camera is definitely improved, compared to its predecessors. The other specifications do not fall too short either, and you will be able to tell this by following through with our article. You might even have a surprise!

Size82 x 82 x 43 mm
Weight164.7 grams
Camera1000TVL, 5.8G real-time image transmission
Battery200mAh Li-Po
Flight time5 to 6 minutes

E013: Design

As a first impression, the E013 looks good enough, even rather funny. It features Kort nozzle propellers, and the motherboard and the camera are protected by a red, plastic canopy that sits on top of the other black parts. Once you apply the eye stickers on both sides of the camera, this micro quadcopter will start looking more like a cartoon character.

But do not let this fool you regarding its craftsmanship. The VTX antenna comes straight up from the middle of the fuselage, in order to allow good range. Even though this is true, the antenna becomes a little too exposed, making you wonder how many crashes it will be able to survive. For night flights, a blue LED light on the rear is available to make it easier to orientate.

E013: Camera

The tiny 1000 TVL camera can be found in front of the E013. It has a 120° FOV and M7 lens that are perfectly paired with a 1/3″ CMOS sensor. You can even switch between NTSC and PAL video standards, by simply long pressing (more than 5 seconds) the unique button. For such a small model, the image quality is pretty impressive.

The amazing video transmitter is a 5.8G, 40CH one, that has a power of 25 mW. If you want to switch between CH1-CH8, all you need to do is short press the control button, and to switch between Band1-Band2, you have to long press it. Consequently, the FPV signal is truly strong. To be more specific, it could easily pass through two brick walls. The range is approximately 100 meters.

E013: Remote controller

To fit the theme, the controller of the E013 is also a combination between black and red. In order to work, it needs 3 AAA batteries. On the front of it, alongside the usual sticks and power switch, there are 8 other buttons, each with a special mission. We know, it sounds like a lot, but stay with us and see their meaning.

The two found on the right side of the throttle make it possible to activate the headless flight mode and the return to home feature. The left shoulder button allows you to toggle between speed rates (1 beep – low, 2 beeps – medium and 3 beeps – high), a very helpful feature for beginners. The right shoulder one enables the 3D flip and the roll mode.

The VR006 FPV goggles

Remember the surprise we mentioned in the beginning? Here it is! Who would have thought that such a small model like the E013 could have FPV goggles included? Well, let’s see what they are capable of.

They are super lightweight and compact. If you get them in the combo pack with the drone, you will receive the model with a single rubber duck antenna. It also has a single 3″ LCD display, with a resolution of 500 x 300 pixels, without any DVR features available. Even with a FPV recorder, you will need to take apart the goggles and do a couple modifications in order to be able to record your experiences. The RF sensitivity is not great either, in comparison with other goggles.

It has 4 control buttons, in total. You can adjust things like brightness, saturation and contrast. It fits easily on anyone, adults or children, thanks to the adjustable headbands. A downside here is the fact that it can be very hard, or almost impossible, to wear correction glasses at the same time, because the VR006 goggles are small in size.

Flight performance

Considering it has fun flight features like the headless mode and safe ones like the return to home one, the E013 proves to be a great way to spend your time. If you are a beginner, we would recommend to start on the lowest speed setting, and to also have someone around for the first FPV experience with the goggles. It can get confusing very easily, so it would be great to have someone to guide you. Other than this, the E013 hovers easily at take off, even without the altitude hold mode activated. Also, the 3D flips are perfectly performed, even indoors, without any significant loss of altitude.

In conclusion, the E013 model is not perfect, but it is getting closer and closer with every step. It is a great option for beginners, even if you are interested or not in the goggles. If you want to test it out, you can find the package without the goggles on Banggood for a great deal.

Price-performance ratio
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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eachine-e013-micro-quadcopter-review Even though the Eachine E013 Micro Quadcopter does not have as many and versatile features like other models, thanks to its FPV function, the fun is more than guaranteed. Also, what we can already tell is that the camera is definitely improved, compared to...


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