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EMAX TinyHawk 2 Racing Quadcopter Review

EMAX TinyHawk 2 Racing Quadcopter

Regardless of whether you’re an amateur drone flying pilot or you’ve flown a couple around, searching for the ideal indoor dashing drone at a nice cost can be an issue for you. The EMAX Tinyhawk 2 may be the perfect drone for you.

EMAX Tinyhawk 2 is a little structure factor indoor FPV camera drone which is intended for steady and wonderful flight execution. It is a fantastic quadcopter drone that comes at a genuinely good cost.

You may be pondering, what makes the EMAX Tinyhawk 2 drone the best smaller than usual drone on the lookout? That is by and large what I’m here to advise you. 

In this article, we will review the EMAX Tinyhawk 2, its highlights, the advantages and disadvantages it accompanies, and the total arrangement and flight strategy. Also, we will see what has been changed regarding the first Emax Tinyhawk.


  • Wheelbase: 75mm
  • Weight: 43.5g with 1x 450mAh 1S battery
  • Frame Material: Polypropylene
  • Kv: 16000kv
  • ESC: 4-in-1 5A BlHeli_S
  • Receiver: EMAX SPI Receiver (Compatible with FrSky D8 mode)
  • Battery Connector: JST-PH2.0
  • VTX Power: 25/100/200mw Switchable
  • Channels: 37CH incl. Raceband
  • Camera: RunCam Nano 2 1/3″ 700TVL CMOS

What’s in the box?

Tinyhawk 2



1s 450mah battery

2s 300mah battery

Set of propellers

USB charger

SB Battery charger


EMAX TinyHawk 2 Racing Quadcopter box content

Design and build 

The frame has been changed fundamentally – it is far tenser than the main adaptation, which was essentially round right around. The swaggers associating the engine to the circles are likewise somewhat more stout. In my tests I have had many awful crashes, however, the casing made do with no harm. 

To oblige 1S and 2S batteries the battery confines now comprises 2 elastic groups getting your batteries set up. 

Driven’s have been added to the bands, they are not programmable yet rather are straightforwardly associated with the engine yields and the brilliance acclimates to the measure of choke. They look pretty extravagant in flight (particularly when it is more obscure) and are incredible on the off chance that you are aiming to do some follow film or possibly draw with your quadcopter in a long openness photo. 

The engines are as yet 0802 engines yet now have 16000KV rather than the 15000KV of the archetype. They are not, at this point connected to the flight controller yet rather straightforwardly patched to it, which is anything but something awful actually, since no force is lost at the attachments – the fittings are as yet accessible, however. I’m not completely sure why this is. 

EMAX TinyHawk 2 Racing Quadcopter motor

The Tinyhawk 2 accompanies 40mm, 4 edge props, and I had definitely no issues to flip over after an accident, even with 1S despite the fact that being on a smooth surface. This was essentially incomprehensible with the first props the principal Tinyhawk accompanied.


The across the board flight controller has been marginally redesigned with 5A ECS’s and you can run RPM channels and 48kHz by means of JESC on the Tinyhawk 2. The specific BLHELI_S form that Tinyhawk 2 comes streaked with is: 

The flight controller comes streaked with Betaflight 4.1.0 (the objective is MATEKF411RX) and the tune is really fair. EMAX doesn’t prescribe changing the tune or move up to an alternate adaptation since they guarantee their settings give the best presentation. Also, I need to concede the Tinyhawk 2 flies quite extraordinary out of the container. 

EMAX TinyHawk 2 controller


For 2S you should have either a very enormous indoor space or fly it outside. Additionally, on the off chance that you need to fly on 2S, I would strongly prescribe trading the PH2.0 connector for an XT30 connector. At 2S the PH2.0 connector is actually a bottleneck. 

Be that as it may, not just on 2S, since EMAX chose to utilize the moved pin PH2.0 connector I would enthusiastically prescribe redesigning it to a strong pin PH2.0 connector. This guarantees way better execution on 1S and the strong pin connectors are far more sturdy than their rolled or collapsed partners. 

With stock settings and connectors, I get a flight season of around 4 minutes and 20 seconds on 1S. Outside I get a tad more than 3 minutes on 1S. 

I didn’t care for the 2S battery inside so I just flew it outside and got around 2 minutes of flight time. I’m almost certain you will improve results with an XT30 connector.


The incredible thing about the Tiny Hawk 2 over the first and S form of the Tinyhawk is the camera overhaul. This specific adaptation utilizes the Runcam Nano 2 FPV camera for recording visuals. 

Using a greater number of channels and force than the first video transmitter, this camera takes sharp and astonishing visuals and catches amazing optics. 

The VTX force of the Tinyhawk 2 is 25mW until furnished and can even arrive at 100/200mW for expanded reach and article infiltration for a completely clear videography experience.

FPV Goggles 

The E6 transmitter controller is an amazingly very much planned, smooth, and agreeable remote that permits you to uninhibitedly move, force, and control the drone with incredible steadiness any place you need to. 

The EMAX Transporter 18650 FPV Goggles are intended for the best first-individual view camera recording experience particularly when they’re combined with the staggering Nano 2 FPV camera.

EMAX TinyHawk 2 Goggles


Is this have brushless motors?

  • Yes, it has brushless motors.

Can kids use this drone?

  • This drone is not recommended for kids, it is a pretty fast drone.

How fast is it?

  • It goes up to 25-30 MPH. 

Can the controller be connected to a computer for practice with a simulator?

  • Yes! Using Betaflight you can connect the drone to the PC. 

Does this have a hover function?

  • No, this is an FPV drone, which is meant for racing. it does not have hover mode.

Does it come with the case?

  • Yes, it comes with the case. 


Generally, as I would like to think, the EMAX Tinyhawk 2 is a truly incredible drone at the cost that the RTF unit accompanies. It is amazingly steady, excellent, and would work impeccably whether you’re an amateur or acquainted with drone flying. 

It is totally worth the cost and you should get it. There are undeniably a greater number of aces than cons of purchasing a Tiny Hawk 2 and it is unquestionably a vastly improved replacement to the Tinyhawk by EMAX. 

Your drone flying experience will be stunning on the grounds that I for one have had loads of fun with this drone. Particularly with the X-factor that the FPV camera and goggles give this drone, it is certainly better than all others.

Price-performance ration
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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emax-tinyhawk-2-racing-quadcopter-review Regardless of whether you're an amateur drone flying pilot or you've flown a couple around, searching for the ideal indoor dashing drone at a nice cost can be an issue for you. The EMAX Tinyhawk 2 may be the perfect drone for you. EMAX Tinyhawk...


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