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Tomzon D40 Quadcopter Review

Tomzon D40

Tomzon D40 Quadcopter Review  

Beautiful futuristic design, great camera, lightweight and affordable price, these are just a few qualities that can perfectly describe the Tomzon D40 Quadcopter. Tomzon D40 is a great drone for beginners and more advanced drone enthusiasts that has to offer a large number of interesting specifications. It can also be a great gift to offer to somebody. In this article we are going to review it, in order for you to make sure that purchasing it will be a good decision. So let’s begin.

Design and Built-in 

First impressions are always important, we can say that the Tomzon D40 Quadcopter offers a great one. It has a beautiful futuristic design that makes it look very professional. Its design is pretty similar to the popular DJI Air 2S. One first great thing about its design is that it is foldable. This makes it perfect for every traveler, being easy to pack and also it does not require a lot of space to store. 

When it comes to its resistance to shocks, D40 is a pretty resistant one, being made out of high quality ABS plastic. This strong material does not only make the drone more resistant but it also offers it low weight, weighing only 240 grams.

Tomzon D40, remote controller, folded drone and the carrying case

At the end of each one of the drone’s rotor arms you will find one powerful brushless motor. This kind of motor offers a great power to the drone, allowing it to fly faster and also more efficiently. More than that, with the brushless motors you can fly the drone as long as you want, because it’s motors will not heat, as they do with the brushed ones.

In the front side of it you will find its 4K camera, which we will discuss later in this article. On top of the camera, the drone has some built-in LED lights which makes the drone easier to identify when you are flying it in darker areas. 

Flight Time 

Another plus of this drone is that it comes with a smart battery. Having a smart battery allows you to see how much power the battery has straight on the drone’s remote controller. The battery is a modular one. Being a modular one makes it easy to add or remove from the drone and also safer to use. Moreover, it also has overcharge protection, this way you can be sure that you battery will not overcharge and it will resist for a long time. 

From one battery you will get a flight time of around 27 minutes. Usually this amount of flightime is offered by more expensive drones. Also if you are looking for a longer flight experience, you can purchase one or two extra batteries that you can use for replacing the one that runs out of power. 

Camera Quality 

Even if it is marketed as a 4K camera, it is not really a 4K one. Therefore, you will be able to capture high quality photos in a 4K resolution, but when it comes to recording you can record only in 1080p, which is not bad at all, but it is a 4k. 

Along with that, the drone comes with electronic image stabilizations. This will help the camera offer a great image quality, eliminating the distorsions and shakings that might occur. So, you can capture some pretty stable recordings with it. Moreover, the D40’s camera has a wide field of view that you can adjust remotely easily, in order to capture the best angle for your footage. 

One of the greatest things about this drone’s camera is that it offers an amazing FPV experience. It has a long image transmission range of 800 meters which is pretty hard to find on other drones.

Flight Performance and Flight Modes

One thing is sure, Tomzon D40 Quadcopter offers a great flight experience, having some really impressive flight components. Firstly, as we mentioned above, the drone comes with brushless motors. Brushless motors will offer a smooth and powerful flight experience. They are also more resistant in the long run. Secondly, D40 is equipped with a GPS and Glonass system. Having these on board you can make sure that you will not lose your drone. For example, when the drone’s battery is low, it will come back to you by itself. Also there is the return home button, which allows you to command the drone to come back to you whenever you want. 

Moreover, there are some really impressive flight functions that you can use in order to get an easier and also more interesting flight experience. Some of these flight features will also help you capture some really impressive footage with your drone. Follow me mode, tap fly and circle mode are just some of these impressive features. 

Tomzon D40 intelligent flight

The drone performs a stable hovering due to its barometric system. You can choose a specific altitude and the drone will maintain it by itself. It is great for capturing photos and videos for certain angles.


That being said, The Tomzon D40 Quadcopter is a really impressive drone that has a lot to offer. You will hardly find something like this at a similar budget. With the long list of great features, components and specifications presented above, we can say that it is really worth its price. If you are interested in purchasing it, you can find it at a great price on Amazon


Question: Is video live in the moment ?

Answer: Yes it’s transmission is live on phone app.

Question: How is the video stabilization on this drone?

Answer: Actually very good. As the drone has electronic stabilization.

Question: Can I save videos directly on my phone?

Answer: Yes, you can directly save the video on your phone.

Question: Does this record video and photos to an onboard memory card? Or does it only record to your phone via WiFi?

Answer: Only to phone via WiFi

Question: Do they come with charging cord and screw driver? Missing mine

Answer: It must be equipped, mine is equipped.

Question: the return to home point is that the location it took off from or the location you are at

Answer: Thank you for your question.

It is the location it took off.

Price-performance ration
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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tomzon-d40-quadcopter-review Tomzon D40 Quadcopter Review   Beautiful futuristic design, great camera, lightweight and affordable price, these are just a few qualities that can perfectly describe the Tomzon D40 Quadcopter. Tomzon D40 is a great drone for beginners and more advanced drone enthusiasts that has to offer...


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