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Atoyscasa FPV Quadcopter Review

Atoyscasa FPV Quadcopter

Atoyscasa FPV Quadcopter Review

DJI is one of the most popular drone brands on the market, that every drone enthusiast for sure heard about it. By being so popular with such an amazing design, there are already many clones made after it. In this article we are going to review the Atoyscasa FPV Quadcopter, which is one of these clones. The drone comes at a very accessible price, under $100 and it is packed with some really interesting features that you might be curious about. 

So if you are interested in purchasing a beginner drone, to start you piloting adventure with, or if you are curious about this drone, you should read this article until the end. So, let’s begin

Package Content 

The first thing that we are going to talk about is the packaging of this drone. We consider packaging to be a very first important aspect when it comes to purchasing a drone. The more accessories it has to offer, the better. 

The Atoyscasa FPV Quadcopter comes inside its beautiful branded box along with not one, but two 3.7V batteries that have a capacity of 800mAh. Inside the package, you will also find a 2.4G remote controller, which is powered by 3xAAA batteries, a charging cable, the propellers, a screwdriver and the user manual. 

As we can see there are a decent amount of accessories that come along with this drone, so we can say that it is really worth its price. Having a great number of spare accessories on the side will save you good money in the future if somehow the drone needs something to be replaced. 

Design and Built in Components 

When it comes to the drone’s design, you will notice that it has exactly the same shape and aspect as the DJI Mavic series, so we can agree that it looks amazing. The difference comes on its paintings. The drone’s body is painted gray on the sides and in the middle has a black color with some interesting yellow details. Its propellers are black as well with the same yellow details on them, which makes them look pretty impressive. 

Atoyscasa FPV Quadcopter

On each drone motor you will find a built in LED light, that makes the drone easier to be seen if you are flying it in darker areas. And the drone’s camera is situated in front of the drone, same as the DJI Mavic’s camera is. 

Battery and Flight Time 

As we previously mentioned, the Atoyscasa FPV Quadcoter comes along with 2 x 3.7V Batteries, with a capacity of 800 mAh. Each battery will offer you a continuous flight time of around 7 minutes. So you will get a total flight time of 14 minutes. By taking into consideration its price, we can say that this is an amazing flight time. Normally, on drones at similar price range you will get a total flight time of 5 minutes. 


Along to all of these specifications, this drone also has a built-in camera. It is not a professional camera of course, but it can take decent photos and it can also record aerial footage in 720HD. Moreover, you can also enjoy a decent FPV experience with this drone. So, it could be perfect for every beginner or for kids who want to practice their aerial photography and videography skills, without spending a fortune. 

Flight performance 

One of the most important aspects of every drone is its flight performance. And Atascosa FPV Quadcopter is great at this aspect as well. It can be controlled at a range of 120 meters. The drone has many interesting flight modes like altitude hold and optical flow functions, headless mode and one key take off and landing. Along to that this drone also has an AR game mode, which you can enjoy using your smartphone. This mode will create fictitious enemies that you will have to shoot, you will also have to hit certain targets and many other tasks. It is an exciting mode to have on a drone, that is not to comon on other drone models. 

Atoyscasa FPV Quadcopter


To sum up, Atoyscasa FPV Quadcopter is a really impressive drone. Taking into consideration its price range, we can definitely say that this drone has a lot to offer. There are many other drones on the market, at higher prices, which do not offer half of the features that this drone is offering. It can be a great gift for your kids, and also a great choice for everyone who is looking to purchase their first drone. It is easy to control, its camera is decent and the best part of it is that it has many interesting flight modes and features that you usually find on more expensive and professional drones. So, if this drone captured your attention and you are interested in purchasing it, you can find it on Amazon.

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Build Quality
Play time
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atoyscasa-fpv-quadcopter-review Atoyscasa FPV Quadcopter Review DJI is one of the most popular drone brands on the market, that every drone enthusiast for sure heard about it. By being so popular with such an amazing design, there are already many clones made after it. In this article...


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