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Eachine E61HW Quadcopter Review

Eachine E61HW Quadcopter with controller

As you might be already aware, when it comes to beginner drones, the market simply overflows. Therefore, it is quite hard for a model to make itself stand out, especially if it is in the low-price segment. Well, this time we put our eyes on the Eachine E61HW Quadcopter, a beginner model that is kid friendly and also packs quite a few features. After all, you would not really want to give any kid an expensive drone in the beginning. It is clear that crashes are inevitable, so the smaller the heartbreak the better.

Size11 x 11 x 3 cm
Weight31 grams
Motor615 Brushed Coreless
Camera0.3 megapixels 720p HD
Battery3.7V 250mAh Li Po
Charging time45 minutes
Flight time7 to 8 minutes
Control distance100 meters

E61HW: Design

As you could tell from the specs table, the E61HW is a compact model. This means that it is so small that it can easily fit in the palm of your hand. Unfortunately, it is not foldable, but considering how small it is, this might not even be necessary. The build material is plastic, something we rather expected, considering the size. Even so, it seems sturdy enough to handle a couple crashes like a champion.

The overall look of the drone is definitely inspired by the Mavic Air, but this is not really something we can complain about. It is definitely some of the best designs out there, even for a small quadcopter like this one. On the front there are two LED lights which will come in very handy when you will try to determine the orientation of the E61HW.

E61HW: Camera

Even though the built-in camera of this model only has a 720p HD resolution and a 0.3MP sensor, it is still great for having a little fun. Especially considering you have the opportunity to experience FPV, we dare say that it is worth it. It is important to know that in FPV condition, the transmission distance drops from 100 meters to 50 meters.

You can even capture shots while streaming what the drone sees, and all you need are a phone, a WiFi connection, and the downloaded app. An interesting touch are the LED lights , which are placed just above the camera. Their main fate is to make tracking, or even finding, the drone easier, especially during night time. Additionally, it will also help with picking up any objects, even when it is dark.


The E61HW has a 3.7V battery, with a 250 mAh capacity and built around lithium polymer technology. With a charging time of 45 minutes and a flight time of 7 to 8 minutes, this can be perfect for a kid. The flight time is sufficient enough to make any kid happy, while the charging one is not too long and can be approved by many.


Even though the E61HW might seem like a silly toy because of its appearance, it actually has a few aces in her sleeve. For example, there is the altitude hold feature, which makes it possible for the drones to hover perfectly without any controls. Also, the one-key return could not have been missed from this list. By simply pressing a button, the quadcopter will return to its launch point immediately. You can use this function if you happen to lose track of your E61HW, or the battery is low. Either way, this is definitely an action that will save the life of your drone very fast.

Also, to make things easier for beginners, the headless mode is also available. This allows the drone to be flown without having to worry about the front and the back sides, as the only thing that you need to take into consideration is the orientation of the controller. Last but not least, the famous 3D flips are also available. It is needless to say that your kids will highly enjoy these. Just think about how excited they will be to show their friends! All they need to do is push a button and choose the direction with the right lever.

With the available app, you have the possibility to draw flight paths on it, for the E61HW to follow. What is even more, thanks to the fact that it has a gravity sensor, you can even use your phone as a controller.

The package of the Eachine E61HW Quadcopter includes:

  • The drone itself
  • The remote controller
  • 4 propellers
  • Battery
  • 4 propeller guards
  • USB charging cable
  • User manual

In conclusion, The E61HW is definitely worth checking out if you have been planning on getting a beginner drone. It is small, but mighty, as it is resistant and packs enough features to make you have a great time. If you think this might be the right model for you, you can pick it up from BangGood or AliExpress, for the best deal.

Price-performance ratio
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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eachine-e61hw-quadcopter-review As you might be already aware, when it comes to beginner drones, the market simply overflows. Therefore, it is quite hard for a model to make itself stand out, especially if it is in the low-price segment. Well, this time we put our eyes...


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