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VISUO K3 Quadcopter Review


VISUO K3 Quadcopter is an innovative and powerful drone armed with an accurate GPS system. The camera on this drone allows you to take high-quality aerial images, and the 5G wifi transmission assures the transmission of explicit live videos. This high-tech gear will surely give you a formidable flying experience!

The Quadcopter’s Package

  • VISUO K3 RC Drone
  • Remote Controller
  • Propellers
  • Manual
  • 2500mAh Battery (you can choose the quantity)
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Storage Bag

VISUO K3 Quadcopter Design

Quadcopter’s design is formidable: the drone is small, lightweight (about 500 grams), and easy to control and carry because of its foldable form. The folded size is 11x19x8.5cm, and the extended arm is slightly larger, about 42x30x8.5cm. A slight disadvantage is that the drone has no propeller protection, but it compensates with the other unique features. The VISUO K3 Quadcopter is made of quality materials, and they also make the drone’s appearance great-looking.

VISUO K3 Quadcopter Battery life

The VISUO K3 is equipped with a battery with a capacity of 2500 mAh, which gives you about 25-30 minutes of flight time. Most drones have this flight time average, which is more than enough for quadcopter pilots (beginners or advanced).

VISUO K3 Quadcopter Camera

The Quadcopter is loaded with a 6K camera, an impressive wide-angle, and an ESC stabilization function (the drone supports an FPV mode), capturing unparalleled real-time pictures. With the help of the 3-axis suspension, the drone image transmission is more accurate and precise without shaking and vibration. In addition, the VISUO K3 Quadcopter has a lower camera which helps the drone to reach greater control and smoothness.

VISUO K3 Quadcopter Features

VISUO K3 GPS Quadcopter provides a variety of intelligent flight modes, in addition to standard functions, GPS return, GPS positioning, EIS. Other features like Flight Waypoints, Point of interest, Follow Me are available. The three-axis mechanical gimbal makes your shooting more precise and the image more truthful. Because of the longer flight time, professional aerial photography can be made. The maximum flight time of the drone is 25 minutes, allowing more time to capture the perfect shot in the air. In addition, K3 is also equipped with an excellent 2.7K camera and all-in-one function to provide power for a smooth flight. The drone can easily find its way home because of its one-key return feature. Take off and land easily with one tap.

Pilots with different experiences can easily control the VISUO K3 GPS Quadcopter because of its variety of modern intelligent modes and features, and those are: a GPS system, a barometer, multiple speed modes, tracking objects, altitude keeping, automatic return, point flight mode, flying around objects, automatic take-off, and landing.

Do not forget about the quadcopter’s application. Before choosing the VISUO K3 GPS Quadcopter, you need to be sure that your smartphone supports the WIFI 802.11ac 5 GHz standard to obtain all the specified features.

Quadcopter specs

  • Compact size with folding arms (20*25*8cm);
  • Triple positioning system (GPS/Optical flow/Barometer);
  • 6K camera with 1/3″ CMOS image sensor;
  • 5700*4275 photos and 2688*1512 videos resolutions;
  • Three-Axis mechanical gimbal;
  • Creative flight modes (Away, How, Around, and Rotating);
  • Fail-safe return to home (RTH);
  • 600meters maximum control distance;
  • Up to 25 minutes battery life;
  • About 500 grams take-off weight.

VISUO K3 options

You can choose the VISUO K3 Drone with the standard package, or you can choose the package with an additional battery, which provides you extended battery life and flight time. That is a formidable option for all the drone enthusiasts out there because you can have up to 50 minutes of flight time.


The VISUO K3 Quadcopter has a perfect folding design and lightweight and flexible blades, making the drone small and easy to carry when traveling or other outdoor activities. So, even if you are a beginner drone pilot or an advanced one, this drone is one of the best choices you can make for a fantastic experience.



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