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Holyton HT25 Mini Quadcopter Review

Holyton HT25 Mini Quadcopter from above

A good mini drone can be hard to find. I think we all know the obvious advantage with a model like this. Its size can be very convenient, as you can carry it and take it anywhere with you, no matter the place or circumstance. The only issue is that we usually expect the downsize to be in its performance. Well, the Holyton HT25 Mini Quadcopter is here to change that and prove to us that a model like this can have the best of both worlds. Curious how? You will find all the information you need right here!

Weight56.6g (without protective cover)
Battery2 x 3.85V 730mAh Modular Lithium Batteries
Flight time11 minutes/battery
Charging time90-100 minutes
Transmitter range98.43 Feet

HT25 Mini: Design

The HT25 Mini is not only a small quadcopter, but it is also foldable, which makes it extra transportable! The arms fold onto the body and also the blades remain intact, so there is no need to unscrew and screw back anything. In terms of appearance, it blends two classic colors: black and white. The top part of the drone is white, while the fuselage has a black finish. You will also notice two bug eyes on the head, a very helpful feature when flying the drone in a dark room or generally low lit conditions. As you noticed from the table above, it is very lightweight, approximately 57 grams. This is another reason why you do not even need a bag when taking it outside. Just put it in your coat pocket!

HT25 Mini: Batteries and flight time

In the package of this drone you will find two 730mAh batteries, one in the quadcopter, and one extra. One battery can give you a maximum flight time of 11 minutes which can seem like a small amount of time at first. Well, when you consider the fact that you can swap the batteries anytime, you actually get a total time of about 20 to 22 minutes. And this is not bad at all!

Another convenience is that you are provided with two charging cables which means that you can charge both batteries at the same time. Also, it is advised to use the cables you are provided with, in order to not damage the quality of the batteries. Taking into consideration that this type of drone has as its target audience beginners and kids, the batteries are safe and easy to use, as they only need to be removed and inserted back into the quadcopter.

HT25 Mini: Camera

The HT25 Mini has a small camera, just like itself. This does not mean that it can not provide decent performance. It is a 720p nose camera that is even capable of FPV, but at a short range. Of course, you can also use it for its classic purpose, like photo and video captures. If you take them in the daylight, they will have a quite decent quality. Other non traditional functions of this camera include gesture shooting which will make this little but mighty drone actually fun to use.

HT25 Mini: Remote controller

The remote controller of the HT25 Mini is just as lightweight. It runs on a 2.4GHz frequency, a control range of 100 feet and has a very clean interface. Also, you will notice that is has a foldable smartphone holder, so that you can enhance the FPV experience by using your phone. We mentioned the simplicity of the controller interface. Well, the truth is that it can not be any simpler than this and it will be suitable for both beginners and children. There are the joysticks for speed and trimming, a few other buttons, and that is basically it!

Flight functions

With such a toy drone, you would not really expect to have too many functions to have fun with. Well this is not the case for the HT25 Mini, as it has around 8 features for the best experience. Check them out:

Toss to fly

This is beginner friendly while also really fun. Instead of having to learn how to start the drone properly, all you have to do is toss it in the air and it will launch itself! Nevertheless, you have to be gentle while doing so and not toss it too hard. It is a cleverly made quadcopter so it will receive your message without too much effort.

Voice control

If you have a trained and faithful pet, this will almost be like another version of them. You can give it commands like go left, right, land, takeoff and so on. The only thing you have to take into consideration is for the drone to be within “hearing distance”.

3D flips

Not only is this feature fun, but also very easy to activate. All you have to do is let the drone fly to about 3 meters, press, and hold the right joystick. Then, you want to push the left joystick in any direction that you would like the drone to flip, and you are done! You just impressed all of your friends! You can do these flips forward, backward, left or right.

Tap to fly

Through the app that you can download on your smartphone, you can tap the areas where you will want your HT25 Mini to fly. Once you launch it, it will follow the path that you prepared.

Gravity sensor

With this feature, you can basically use your smartphone as the controller. All you have to do is swing your phone to the left, right, up or down, and the drone will follow that direction.

Gesture shooting

Also available through the app, you can make the drone shoot a photo by just showing it the victory sign. Talk about convenience!

Emergency stop

Leaving the fun zone for a little bit, this is a great safety feature for beginners. If you happen to lose control of the drone in any way, you can just press the emergency stop on the controller, and the HT25 Mini will stop and land immediately. This is a great way to avoid crashing your quadcopter.

Headless mode

This is almost a standard feature that you will find on most models, but not on many mini ones. With this you can forget which is the front and which is the back of the drone, and you can simply give the commands, as the drone will follow them from your perspective.

In conclusion, the HT25 Mini is a great model for kids and beginners alike. Maybe something worth taking into consideration is its weight. Because it is so light, best would be to keep flying it indoors, as just a light breeze might be able to take it away. Other than that, it is great! If you think this could be a good fit for you, you can purchase it on Amazon and AliExpress, at an amazing price. Have fun with it!

Price-performance ratio
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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holyton-ht25-mini-quadcopter-review A good mini drone can be hard to find. I think we all know the obvious advantage with a model like this. Its size can be very convenient, as you can carry it and take it anywhere with you, no matter the place or...


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