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DJI INSPIRE 2 – A Drone With the Best Image Quality?

DJI INSPIRE 2 - A Drone With the Best Image Quality?

DJI INSPIRE 2 best drone with camera?

DJI INSPIRE 2 is not a drone for the light hearted (hobbyists) as you can probably tell from the price already. But the price in this case reflects the true value of the DJI Inspire 2 because it has a 5.2 RAW camera, it is twice as powerful as the previous model, it has redundancy systems, it has Apple ProRes and obstacle avoidance.
DJI INSPIRE 2 best drone with camera?
Even with all the safety measures, you should be careful where you fly the drone, because anything can go wrong, so try to avoid flying above people or crowded areas and always make sure you can see your drone. Try to avoid flying at night if possible.

Advantages and disadvantages of the DJI Inspire 2.


  • The 5.2K image quality is wonderful overall
  • It has a flight time of up to 25 minutes
  • Great flight stability
  • Better flying speed which makes it good for cinematic shots
  • It uses SSDs
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Pretty good low-light flying


  • Sometimes the obstacle avoidance works against you
  • The image transmission can break up at a distance of about 800m
  • Auto-focusing is pretty bad
  • The huge size of the footage can take a long time to process if you don’t have the adequate equipment, so you need a PC that was made for that


So, this could be one of the best drones that have great image quality. Not only that but it is also pretty accessible compared to the other professional choices. The other choices may give you better quality, but the fact is that those are pretty expensive in comparison, for the quality you get. So it may be a great deal for this kind of drone.
DJI INSPIRE 2 drone from Top
A thing that you should note is that the speed of the drone should have been a bit higher. It was supposed to have a maximum speed of around 105 Km/h and now it can reach around 90 Km/h. The reason for that is to make sure that the speed won’t affect the quality of the footage. At higher speeds it might look bad.

The flight time is pretty impressive at around 25 minutes and you could replace the batteries when depleted. So if you’d want to have a day’s work with the drone, you will have to get at least 16 batteries that will last for 8 flights and a reliable power source in order to recharge the depleted batteries. Even so, you could do a lot of professional work with it in the right circumstances.
DJI INSPIRE 2 - Controller
Another thing that you should not is that the drone doesn’t come with an SSD, so if you want to get a lot of footage done and you’re on a budget, then you would have to buy two 120gb SSDs and lower the quality of the footage a bit. If you want the full quality, you should get at least 2 480gb SSDs.


The DJI Inspire 2 is truly a professional drone with a lot of improvements over the previous version but it still has some minor flaws. If you don’t have a lot of money and you don’t plan to do anything professional with this drone, then you should go for other choices. This little piece of technology can set you back with a hefty amount of money. If you do actually plan to do some professional work with it, then I recommend it with all my heart, it will be worth every penny. So if you are looking for a drone with great cinematic shots, really high quality footage, great flight time and safety measures, then you should definitely go for the buy.

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