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WALKERA FURIOUS 320 Racing Drone Review


WALKERA FURIOUS 320 Review – A Serious Fun Racing Drone

This surely isn’t your everyday racing drone. Walkera Furious 320 Racing Drone can reach speeds of up to 120 Km/H which is quite a feat. Of course, 320 isn’t recommended for beginners (in drone racing) since it will be a bit hard to handle at high speeds. But if you’re a newbie, you can still look at what it can do and compare it to your current drone or what you are planning to buy. Or you can use if for something else if you really want that.
WALKERA FURIOUS 320 Racing Drone

Innovative Design

This drone looks to me like a real racing car, it has that shape and it is like that for good reason. Walkera has approached the 320 quite differently. It has articulated motors which can rotate forward individually, unlike other drones that need to tilt the whole body in order to go forward. The problem with that is that it sacrifices some speed because of the air friction. It is hard to make a drone that is aerodynamic in all cases.

The articulated motors give an edge to the racing drone and it enables it to go very fast. In almost all cases, it has a very good efficiency. Also, the look of the 320 is great. I personally like the futuristic design. The carbon fiber makes it very light and it also makes it look better. The color palette is also pretty well chosen.

The Camera

The Walkera Furious 320 has a Full HD camera that is capable to record videos at 1080p 60FPS quality. The problem with this is that it produces some lag in the live video feed. So it can be harder to be effective in racing. The good part is that if you want maximum race performance, you can get this drone with the 800 tvl camera that is used in the Walker 250R racing drone.


Well, this is a very speedy drone, so of course it will be harder to control at higher speeds, but that isn’t the whole story. The 320 is also designed so you can use it for other things than racing too. It also does a decent job if you want to take a video, especially considering that you can buy it with the Full HD camera. But if it is speed you want, you can do that too and it also has decent control if you know what you’re doing.

So if you want this drone purely for racing, then you need to have some experience before getting into the action. If you want to just have a Jack of all trades, then you can do that too. Quite adaptable.


FURIOUS 320 Racing Drone Package
The Furious 320 is a fun drone more than anything and it also gives you a sense of accomplishment when you manage to fly it well at high speed. Also, the max speed gives you a lot of excitement. The overall experience of the racing drone is pleasant and if you have the money to spend, then you will not regret buying it. It is a drone that brings quality, performance and good design together.

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