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WALKERA RUNNER 250R Review – Easy to build and repair FPV drone

Have you ever seen an FPV drone racing? If not, then you should watch one and see what it is all about. Many veterans in the FPV racing scene make their own drones, custom builds. So a beginner might have a hard time getting into this “sport” without a mentor or proper knowledge about engineering.
WALKERA RUNNER 250R Review - Easy to build and repair
Here is where the Walker Runner 250R comes into play. It is advertised to be a newbie friendly FPV Racing drone that will let you race with little effort.

Modular Design

250R Modular DesignIn order to make it a real racing drone, the Walkera has a lot of replaceable parts and that is a very good thing. There are other racing drones for a cheaper price, but they tend to break quite often, so you are put in a bad spot quite fast. This drone has a modular design which can allow you to replace the damaged components from racing in a very short time.

Everything is designed to just pop into the distribution and no soldering is needed. Quite convenient if you ask me. This design makes the 250R a very easy to build and repair drone.

Quality materials

The 250R has a full carbon fiber main frame and that is making the drone very compact and tough. On an average crash, it shouldn’t break that easily and it is a lightweight material which can provide an edge in a race. Also, the LED lights are well designed and placed in order to make it easier to discern which is the front and which is the back of the drone.

WALKERA RUNNER 250R Review: Flight

The drone has a 2200mAh Li-Po battery which gives it enough juice to keep it in the air for about 12 to 14 minutes. More than enough time in order to finish a race. It is also enough time for some practice sessions.

The drone has a decent top speed of 35-40 Km/H and it is quite good considering the conveniences of this drone and the price.

WALKERA RUNNER 250R Review: Camera and Transmission

RUNNER 250R - Camera and TransmissionThe 250R has a pretty good HD camera 800TVL. Along with the image transmission module (5.8 Ghz), this drone makes a decent choice for beginners. There is no delay in the transmission and there is no delay in the video feed.

Runner 250R HD Camera

WALKERA RUNNER 250R Review: Conclusion

All in all, the Walkera Runner 250R is a pretty good choice. Things are balanced and the price is low enough to allow newbies to get into drone racing. Of course, ultimately, building a drone
from scratch can be more satisfying than just buying one, but if you’re not sure you will like this hobby, then this drone is a safe bet to ensure that you won’t regret getting into drone racing.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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