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Immersionrc Vortex 285 Racer Review

Immersionrc Vortex 285 Racer Review

Immersionrc Vortex 285 Racer

Another good drone on the market is the ImmersionRC Vortex 285 Racer, which is very well built and also very resistible to crashes which makes the user’s experience more pleasant.
Immersionrc Vortex 285 Racing Drone
This drone has an integrated flight controlled with a 3 axis gyroscope, a 3 axis accelerometer and a barometer pre-programmed with CleanFlight which means that the Vortex flight controller is future proof through downloadable updates.

It also has a flexible Vortex 285 camera supports both a flight cam and an HD camera. This camera is protected from impacts and it is mounted on a vibration dampened carbon fiber plate.
Immersionrc Vortex 285 Racer

Main Features and requirements:

  • Weight: 350g without battery, or HD camera
  • Power Requirements: 3s-4s LiPo (typical)
  • ESCs: Full Custom, 12A cont. 16A peak, rotorSENSE, OneShot125
  • Flight Camera: FatShark 700TVL CMOS (std), FatShark 700TVL CMOS, and 900TVL CCD optional
  • HD Camera: GoPro Hero, Hero 3/4 (Optional power from onboard BEC), Mobius, Runcam
  • Receiver Compatibility: CPPM Input, with S-Bus, and Spektrum™ Satellite converter cables optional
  • Flight Time: Highly dependent upon battery, and flying style

It has a powerful 3A switching regulator built in to the Vortex which allows you to add any HD camera and it will take its power directly from the flight pack.
Vortex 285 Racer Led Lights
Thanks to the LED lights, you can use the drone even at night, giving a spectacular scenery in the night sky. These lights are controlled by a dedicated 32 bit ARM processor which means that you program the LED lights ti show something as mundane as the pilot’s favourite colour or just anything else that will be available after the future updates.
Immersionrc Vortex 285 Racer

Impressed by Immersionrc Vortex 285 Racer?

Vortex 285 Racer Box
It’s more amazing if you buy it. You can find it on online stores for the price of almost $400. This will give you a flying experience you will enjoy to the maximum.

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