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Cheerson CX 60 Drone Review


Cheerson CX 60 Drone WiFi Infrared Fighting Drones 3D Flips

Drones are constantly improving and nowadays almost all drones are capable of capturing photos and recording videos. Manufacturers are constantly improving their drones and so the new battle drones are born. Yes, you’ve heard right, battle drones.

The package of the Cheerson CX 60 Drone contains not one, but two quadcopters. These two drones are well made, are lightweight and they have a great quality. You can adjust the power level so it can be used from both skilled users and beginners. For beginners it will be easy to learn to fly this drone and the altitude hold is a nice feature that will help too.

The package includes the two quadcopters, batteries, charger, spare propellers and you will have to download an app that is both available on iOS and Android.

Cheerson CX 60 Drone Package

Cheerson CX60 Drone Package Content

Flight Time and Crash resistance

The flight time is of 5 minutes, quite good and enough to play one or two games with the drones, although you will want to play more. The charging time is of 30 minutes, not that long, which is good because you can go back to play with the drones quickly.
Cheerson CX 60 Drone Full Protection
The drone is quite resistant, the propellers are well secured so they won’t break when the drone crashes into walls or something alike. However, the bad parts of the drones is that they’re not as stable as preferred making it a bit troublesome for the beginners to fly them and another thing is, the set includes only one battery per drone, so you don’t have any spare battery.


Overall, the Cheerson CX 60 drones are really nice with a smooth flight and very fun to use. The packet costs only $80 and you can find it online, insanely cheap isn’t it? You better order yours today, before the stock goes limited. Start your adventure today with these two amazing drones.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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