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Eachine E51 WiFi FPV Selfie Drone Review

Eachine E51 WiFi FPV Selfie Drone Review

Eachine E51 WiFi FPV Selfie Drone with 720p HD camera Review

The Eachine E51 WiFi FPV Selfie drone is designed to make the best selfies possible. It is supposed to help you make some selfies without having to twist your arm in any form or shape. Besides that, it also can qualify as a decent drone for most people. It is small and it has an improved camera over a similar drone.
Eachine E51 WiFi FPV Selfie Drone Design

General Info

A key feature to mention here would be the fact that this is a foldable quadcopter, so it should be pretty easy to carry anywhere. You get some features that I consider basic and they should be present on almost any drone, like the Headless Mode, Return to Home or the 3D Flips and Rolls.

Eachine E51 Drone Camera

Eachine E51 Drone Camera
The camera is quite decent. It is a 720p HD camera that is made for aerial video recording. You can tilt the camera angle about 45 degrees, so that’s a feature that isn’t present in many drones of this size and price.


The battery is also pretty good. It is a 750mAh flight battery and it seems it should fly for about 7 minutes before going flat. It can be recharged via an USB cable.

Great For Starters

Considering the features it has, this drone can be easily piloted even by newbies in the drone industry. So if you want to make it a gift, you don’t need to worry, the learning shouldn’t be that hard and they’ll be able to make cool selfie in no time.

Eachine E51 Drone Features and Specifications:

Eachine E51 Drone Features

  • Foldable arms and propellers
  • Wi-Fi FPV – real time video feed
  • 720p HD camera made for aerial video recording
  • Adjustable camera angle (45 degrees)
  • Altitude Hold
  • Headless mode
  • Adjustable flight speed rates
  • 7 minutes worth of flight time
  • RC distance of about 100 meters
  • 3.7V 750mAh battery

Remote Control

The RC has a really nice design in my opinion. It looks a bit edgy and futuristic and it resembles a console controller also, so this might feel pretty good for those who play games on console. You have a space where you can put your phone if you want in order to see what the camera sees directly from the RC.


Eachine E51 Drone Package
The Eachine E51 WiFi FPV Selfie drone is pretty good at a price of around 40 euros. It is not made for professional use, but if you just want something to take selfies or group photos with, then this might be a good solution. You can also take some nice aerial shots and capture everything you see from a different angle.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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