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Intcrown Nano Quadcopter With Intelligent Fixed Altitude

Intcrown Nano Quadcopter With Intelligent Fixed Altitude

Intcrown Nano Quadcopter Review

The Intcrown Nano Quadcopter is designed to be handled by beginners and it comes in a packaging well suited even for gifts. It is really small and it is also pretty cheap, so I think this alone should make it the perfect candidate for a gift or for beginners to try it out.
Intcrown Nano Quadcopter

General Info

You get a 2-level adjustable flip function and you can also perform stunts mid-air with some nice LED lights.You also get the 360 flip with 4-ways flip (left, right, forward,backward) feature which can give some impressed looks.

The RC is has a 2.4GHZ 4.5 channels 6-axis flight control system and it has an adjustable gyro sensitivity. The flight range is of about 30-50 meters, which should plenty enough to have some fun.
Intcrown Nano Quadcopter Controller
The packaging of the drone also includes some pretty detailed instructions in order to help the beginners figure out the controls and all the features this drone has. You also get 4 extra propellers just in case you break the ones you already have. A big plus for people who travel a lot is that it is very portable, it can be packed up within its controller.


This tiny quadcopter is actually quite reliable when it comes to crashes. Of course, it all depends on the severity of the crashes, but it has been crashed over 20 times and it is still rockin’, so I’d say this really is a good choice for beginners. You don’t empty your wallet and it also lasts quite well. The frame is well built and the colors are quite bright, so it is hard to lose track of the drone.


The battery is 3.7V 100mAh and it is advertised to give around 5-7 minutes of flight, but that probably is in the best scenario. Usually it will last 3-5 minutes depending on the conditions you are running it in. So if you want to play more than 10 minutes with it, I would suggest trying to get some extra batteries if it is possible.

Specs and Features

  • Supports 3D Flip, One-Key Landing and Takeoff
  • It has Adjustable speed model, Headless and Head model switch
  • Size 3.3×3.3×1.8cm
  • 2.4GHZ 4 Channel, 6-axis Gyroscope RC Drone
  • Flight range of 30-50 meters
  • An average of 5 minutes of flight time


Intcrown Nano Quadcopter fun toy to play
At around $30 on amazon, Intcrown Nano Quadcopter makes some pretty good compromises in order to give you a fun toy to play with. If you don’t know what gift to make, or if you just want to try the magic of drones for yourself, then this one should do the trick.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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