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TIANQU XS809W Drone with Camera Review

TIANQU XS809W Drone with Camera Review

TIANQU XS809W Drone – Folding 720p HD Camera Drone

TIANQU XS809W Drone is a new foldable drone with some very nice features that will leave a nice impression among the drone users.
TIANQU XS809W Drone Design

Speed and durability

This drone comes with 3 different speed modes, the lowest speed can be used when there is no wind outside, but we recommend using the other 2 speeds even at the slightest breeze. The fastest mode is pretty decent, although it could be faster than that.

TIANQU XS809W Drone is very stable when it comes to hovering, but it still needs some small adjustments when it comes to constant altitude.

The body of the drone is made out of durable plastic that can resist to hard crashes and it doesn’t bend that easy so it’s quite resistant and good for beginners who might crash the drone often.

Flight performance

The TIANQU XS809W doesn’t feature altitude hold which makes the drone more precise when flying. It is though a bit harder for beginners to fly it, but with a little bit of training they can manage it. The propulsion does a pretty good job ad it is quite responsive to the commands you give it.
TIANQU XS809W Drone Led Lights


  • Size: 320 x 330 x 55 mm and 135 x 185 x 55 mm when folded
  • Diagonal motor distance is of 260mm
  • Brushed motors with 145mm 2 blade propellers
  • It weights 149g
  • Battery has a capacity of 3.7V 900mAh 1S Li-Po
  • Charging time is about 1 hour
  • Flying the drone for 10 minutes
  • Control distance is of approximately 100m
  • Camera: 0.3MP with Wi-Fi FPV
  • Transmitter needs 3 AA batteries


TIANQU XS809W Drone Package

Overall, we think this is a very good drone to have around even if you are an experienced or a beginner drone user and for a toy drone this TIANQU XS809W does a pretty good job. You can acquire it in online shops under a quite reasonable price.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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