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UDI U818A-1 Quadcopter Review

UDI U818A-1 Quadcopter Review

UDI U818A-1 Quadcopter With Camera Review

Looking for some good drones to buy? If the answer is yes, then you should take a look at the UDI U818A-1, one of the best drones that you could find at such an affordable price!
UDI UDU818A-1 Discovery Quadcopter

It is known that UDI U818A-1 Quadcopter has a very stable flight thanks to the 6 axis gyro and, not only that, but if it comes to the camera of the drone, then I must tell that I’ve never seen such a good quality in photos taken by drones.
UDI U818A-1 Quadcopter From Top And Side

UDI U818A-1 Quadcopter Specs:

  • It has a wingspan of 330 x 340 mm
  • It weighs almost 1000g
  • It has a flight time of about 9 minutes
  • The battery charging time is of 2 hours almost
  • The frequency it is working on is 2.4GHz
  • It works on 4 channels
  • Its communication distance is of 80m
  • The camera is has a resolution of 1280 x 720p with 30 FPS
  • It comes with a 2Gb Micro SD card included
  • It has a 6 axis posture control
  • The camera is forward facing
  • Very resistant frame, can survive pretty much any crashes
  • It comes with an USB charger
  • It includes two 7V 500mAh batteries


Pretty interesting features I must say. The UDI U818A-1 Quadcopter has been tested and apart from the fact that it takes amazing photos, as mentioned above, it flies really well and it responds quickly to the commands.
UDI U818A-1 Quadcopter Box Content
It also has been tested if the frame is really as resistant as specified and I must say it held out pretty well and came out with a few scratches and bends, but overall, I believe this would be a perfect gift for someone who loves drones or even if you have a child and want to give them a special present. It’s easy to fly and, even as a beginner, you won’t have problems with it.


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