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Udi U839 Nano Quadcopter Review

Udi U839 Nano Quadcopter Review

Udi U839 Nano Quadcopter with 3D Roll Review

Nano quadcopters are something that many people want to buy and test out, not only they are really cute with their small size, but they also have some nice specifications for such a small flyer. Today, we’re going to talk about the Udi U839 Nano Quadcopter, a nice little fellow that you will definitely want to own.
Udi U839 Nano Quadcopter


  • It has a frequency of 2.4GHz
  • Works on 4 channels
  • The control distance is of 30m
  • It has a flight time of 6 minutes
  • Charging time takes 40 minutes
  • Battery voltage of 3.7 with 150mAh, Li-Po
  • It has two colours: black and orange
  • The dimension is 45mm x 45mm x 45mm

Udi U839 Nano Quadcopter Orange And Green
This drone is so small that you can fly it indoors as well, without the risk of knocking something down. It features a 6 axis system that allows this little quadcopter to be launched by hand and not only that, but it can also implement various flight movements and it also has a very stable flight.

This drone also featured 4 LED lights, so you can spot it on the sky if you are flying it at nights and they also increase the visual perception of the flight. The Udi U839 has a strong wind resistance, even if it is so tiny and it is also easier to control. Thanks to its small size, it is lightweight and it can be transported easily everywhere, you just have to put it in your pocket and you’re good to go!

Package includes:

  • One Udi U839 quadcopter
  • One transmitter
  • One battery
  • One USB charger
  • Four extra blades
  • One blade protection cover
  • One user guide


Udi U839 Nano Quadcopter Controller
After reading all these, I am pretty sure you have become interested in this drone. Good choice then, look it up more, read about it and buy it, I guarantee you that you will have a lot of fun with this drone and that you won’t get bored of it.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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