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KaiDeng K100 EQUATOR WiFi FPV Foldable Racing Drone

KaiDeng K100 EQUATOR WiFi FPV Foldable Racing Drone

KaiDeng K100 EQUATOR Racing Drone

The KaiDeng K100 EQUATOR WiFi FPV Foldable Racing Drone is a micro frog-shaped drone that has some unique arms which can open automatically with no need of manual manipulation. It tries to compete with other drones of similar size and price in the FPV drones market. It seems that it actually has potential, considering it has most of the basic features a drone should have and it is quite practical.

General Info

KaiDeng K100 EQUATOR Racing Drone is made in order to give you an awesome flight experience right out of the box and right out of your pocket. It is a bit speedy and it can use an Android app in order to be controlled and in order to see the live video feed that is transmitted via Wi-Fi.
KaiDeng K100 EQUATOR Racing Drone App

Wi-Fi FPV and camera

The Wi-Fi FPV might not be ideal, but it should be enough for beginners and it is expected to have some drawbacks considering the low price of around 42 euros. It seem to be very similar in features with the Eachine E51, but that drone is for another purpose. That’s why the camera on the K100 is worse than the mentioned E51. It only has a 0.3MP camera, but it is enough for the “racing” purpose.
KaiDeng K100 EQUATOR Drone Power Button


The main features this drone has are the One Key Transformation that enable the quad to deploy its arms automatically, a 0.3MP WiFi camera that allows you to see what the drone see with the help of an app, the Auto Hover feature that makes the drone hold its altitude, Headless mode which makes it way easier to pilot, the One Key Return/ Takeoff/ Landing which can help beginners fly more easily and the Speed Switch that allows you to change speeds.


  • Indoor and Outdoor Quad
  • Brushed Motor
  • Micro Size
  • Barometer Sensor
  • Built-in Gyro (6 Axis Gyro)
  • Beginners Level Drone
  • 2.4 GHz Wireless RC
  • Good control distance at about 30-40 meters
  • 3.7V 380mAh Li-On battery
  • 6-7 Minutes worth of flight time
  • 45 Minutes charging time
  • 0.3MP Camera
  • 640 x 480p Video resolution


KaiDeng K100 EQUATOR Drone Package
This can be a very fun drone packed with many features. Considering the fact that it is very cheap, you could buy one for yourself and for a friend or two and organise some really neat races between you and your friends. The specs are a bit on the low and, but that’s because of the purpose of the drone. So if you would want a decent racing drone at a very low price, then you could consider this micro quadcopter.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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