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Proto-X FPV HD Micro Quadcopter Review

Proto-X FPV HD Micro Quadcopter Review

Proto-X FPV HD Micro Quadcopter

The Proto-X FPV HD Micro Quadcopter is a more budget friendly FPV drone that is very small and it should technically give a quite decent experience of the FPV technology.

General Info

The Proto-X FPV HD Micro Quadcopter has 4.5” in diagonal and it is read-to- fly right from the box. That means you don’t even need to assemble it. This tiny drone packs a 720p and 30fps video recording capable camera.
Proto-X FPV HD Micro Quadcopter
The RC features a 4.5” LCD screen and it has a built-in video receiver. This basically means the drone is as big as the display of the RC. The videos can be recorded either from the camera directly, or from the transmitter. In any case, you can use a microSD in order to store your footage. You get a 2GB microSD card and a USB card reader right from the box.


You have a computerized flight control system that has many flight modes and that means the Proto-X can be flown by people with almost any skill level of drone flight. Of course, since this
isn’t an expensive drone, the safeties are activated by default and it will help most beginners to easily fly the Proto-X.

The more experienced users can enable the Expert Mode in order to unlock the drones maximum potential. You can even do acrobatic stunts if you want to do so. The drone is intended for indoor use, it doesn’t have enough power to counter any potential stronger winds. So take it outside only if you feel like it is going to be a clear and sunny day with no winds.
Proto-X FPV HD Micro Quadcopter Outdoor


The Proto-X features a 650mAh Li-Po battery that is included of course and it also comes with USB charging cable. The RC uses 4 standard AA batteries that are available separately.

FPV is Fun

The integrated 720p camera in the Proto-X and a full color 4.5” display on the RC gives you a quite decent experience of the FPV technology and it is fun of course. You can also record everything if you want, so you could potentially use this for some rookie videos and shots. It surely won’t be enough for professional use, but it doesn’t have to be at this price.


It seems that if you want, you can place your microSD card in either the camera, or the controller. If you put it in the controller, you have the advantage of stopping the video footage whenever you want. But if you put it in the camera, you have a higher quality 720p at 30fps recording and an image that has no radio static. You also have the option of buying another microSD card in order to record from both.


Proto-X FPV HD Micro Quadcopter From Top
The Proto-X FPV HD Micro Quadcopter costs around $160. In conclusion, this FPV mini drone is quite rich in features and has some quality feeling. If you want to try the FPV technology, then this drone can prove to be very useful for that purpose and some people might use it as a backup video recording drone, or just for fun. In either case, it could be a good choice to buy it depending on your budget.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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