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Aerix Varius Racing Drone Review

Aerix Varius Racing Drone Review

Aerix Varius Racing Drone – Cheap Beginners Racing Drone Review

The Aerix Varius is a pocket-sized racing drone and it has great portability. It doesn’t come with the controller, it comes in the controller. Aerix Varius Racing Drone is small enough that you can fit it in the middle of the controller. As you probably noticed, this is not a drone for the professional drone users. Most small and cheap drones need to make some sacrifices in order to get something decent at a low price.
Aerix Varius Racing Drone In The Controller

Looks and Design

From the first look, all I can say is that the Varius looks awesome. It has a stylish and neat look. The main color is black with some orange accents and 2 orange propellers. It actually fits in your palm and it packs a 220mAh battery and a 0.3MP camera. There is a charging socket on one of the sides and it can be charged via the USB cable.
Aerix Varius Drone Camera


Besides the physical controller, you can also control the drone with the mobile app, but if you want some more precise movement, you should definitely use the normal remote control. The controller needs 4 AAA batteries for charging but also in order to use it (you can also charge your drone through the RC). To charge the drone, it will take around an hour.


For accurate control, you have 2 orange sticks, but there are also many other buttons that have features like take-off, landing, return-to- home functionality. So this drone has most of the basic functionalities. It also has Headless Mode, which is a must-have in my opinion. Another good thing is that you have 3-Speed Modes and Turbo Rotation Mode if you need some more control over your drone.

General Info

Aerix Varius Drone Prop Guards
The drone isn’t that sturdy. It is ok, but I wouldn’t recommend using it without the prop guards and it isn’t the most stable drone. It needs a bit of work to keep it in one place. Sadly, the range of the drone isn’t that amazing. At 25 meters, the live video will cut out. Also, at 0.3MP you shouldn’t expect a great video feed. So if you wanted to use if for making photos and recording, then maybe this drone isn’t made for you.

The average flight time of the Varius is 5 to 7 minutes depending on what conditions you’re flying it in. The top speed is about 48 km/h. So it has a decent speed.


Aerix Varius Racing Drone Package
The Aerix Varius Racing Drone is a quite impressive drone for only around $65 dollars, but as you have seen it also has some bad points. For beginners though, this drone should be enough and it probably is more than enough. Keep in mind though, the purpose of this drone is for beginners to learn to fly and for a bit of drone racing.

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