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Yuneec H520 Drone Review

Yuneec H520 Drone Review

Yuneec H520 Drone With Camera Review

The Yuneec H520 Drone is one of those drones that you might consider INCREDIBLE. Of course, drones come on the market with all kinds of amazing specifications and designs. It’s a bit hard to choose from this big drone range, but let’s see what it is all about this drone.
Yuneec H520 Drone


First I want to talk about the camera of this drone, or better said the CAMERAS of this drone. Yes, the Yuneec H520 comes with multiple cameras, three of number (E90 CGO-ET and E50), each of them comes with different specifications: it offers a thermal camera option which can be used in rescue missions, firefighting, and even solar panel inspections. It gives the drone a great variety of uses, it’s more of a professional camera if you asked me.
Yuneec H520 comes with multiple cameras


Coming up to the design, many people would claim this drone looks very similar to the Typhoon H. Bad news for those people, you are misinformed! Yes, they look kinda similar, but there is NO WAY these two drones are the same. The H520 is a bit wider and has longer propellers. This drone is much more lightweight and the specifications are totally different.


This drone comes with many features, but the ones everyone is looking for are the flight time and the operating range. The strong battery of this drone allows it to fly for nearly half an hour. It’s quite a long flight time for a drone, isn’t it. And talking about the controlling range, well this is of 1.5 km, a long distance so you can take more amazing photos and record videos.


I would like to mention that this drone is a bit on the pricy side, but it’s worth the money. If you’re interested in how this drone operates, then check out this video you can skip it to minute 9:41 if you want to see it directly in action.
Price: €1500.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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