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Holy Stone HS230 Racing Quadcopter Review


Even if drones were invented for other reasons, nowadays these gadgets have more qualities and are available for many more activities. The Holy Stone HS230 Racing Quadcopter Review will be a model example for one of the newest and most sought-after activities: racing.

This activity can offer a great fun. Users can compete with each other just as with remote control cars, but the flight is perhaps a bit more uncertain and more complicated, so it can be more fun because of adrenaline.

The most popular categories of drones are racing, FPV of which the most sought-after are selfie drones and last but not least mini drones or also called “toy drones”. The latter are highly sought after because of the small size that helps to transport them anywhere, as well as their storage in a small space. Selfie drones are very fashionable, they are increasingly used in all sorts of trips and events among young people.

Even if a drone is not necessarily set for selfies, with a camera we can have a connection between the drone and the transmitter or the mobile phone. It can be used for personal activities, outdoor trips, commercials, cultural events and last but not least, private events. As we know very well, these private events are very widespread, including weddings being among the top of the drone movie users.

We left behind racing drones, the ones we are talking about in more detail, our example being Holy Stone HS230 racing drone.

Holy Stone HS230 features

Holy Stone is an extremely renowned brand among drone makers, without a doubt is one of the most professional and creative manufacturers. Their goal was to create a drone that will be appreciated by both beginners who will take off their drones with great emotions, as well as by the professionals who have flown tens of times and have a great experience in this field.

The HS230 racing drone also includes the FPV and the small drone side, which clearly demonstrates that Holy Stone gathers in a “bunch” all the important details that meet the needs of the users.

Holy Stone HS230 Quadcopter Package


Rich in special features that will meet the needs of a pro user and help the early steps of a beginner user. Through the camera we will have a qualitative FPV, we will be able to track exactly what the drone “sees” in the air. It’s not easy to shoot quality video in case of a racing drone, especially if it reaches its maximum speeds. In the case of the HS230, this speed may reach 45km / h, which would normally aggravate the stabilization of shooting, Holy Stone managed to defeat this obstacle with a 720 HD modular camera and a wide 120 degree field of view.

Video resolution is 1280 by 720P and shoots high quality videos regardless the speed of the drone. The camera rotates allows to capture wide-angle pictures without the need for manual camera modifications before take-off. To have a panoramic view will help you the wide field of view to have incredible shooting and great photos.

A 4GB TF Card is installed in the gadget, but probably this space will not be enough for too many shootings, so you will need to move them to another storage. Even if the camera is easy to install or detach, you will still need the user manual that is included in the package.


Weighing just 116 grams is very easy to pack for transport or storage. All components of this compact drone are durable and high quality. Being a drone racing, the body comes in a streamlined design for greater resistance to the wind and offers incredible flying experience.

In addition to the drone itself, the package also includes a transmitter, 3 batteries, one for the controller and 2 for the quadcopter, 8 spare propellers, 4 spare propeller caps, a card reader, USB chargers, a screwdriver and a user manual as we specified this above.

Holy Stone HS230 Racing Quadcopter Modular Design


Two 3.7V 750mAh Li-Po batteries are included in the package along with the charging cables. Fully charged, each battery lasts for about 10 minutes in the air, but with two properly packed batteries, we can take 20 minutes of uninterrupted flight to increase the fun and not miss any important moment in our adventure.

Once these batteries have helped us to record the best movies, they will require 60-90 minutes for full recharge.


The HS230 uses an advanced analog signal receiver and a 2.4GHz operating frequency to view real-time images and videos. Even if you have that built-in 4GB storage space, you can search for a SD card compatible with larger storage space to avoid memory filling at inappropriate moments.


A headless security feature will prevent you from losing your drone during the flight, and it also has a low power alert that notifies you if the battery is discharging to have enough time to return and avoid crashing.

You can surprise your friends with all sorts of acrobatic moves, the HS230 being able of almost anything, a good example is the 360 degree flips in all directions.

Helping beginners comes with 3 different speeds, low, medium and high. For the first steps in this area to be easy and safe, it is advisable for them to start flying at low speed.

As soon as they get a little experience, they can move on the other speeds to make the flight as close to racing as possible. The controller’s transmission range is 100 meters in which you are free to accelerate to a maximum speed of 45km / h in just a few seconds.

Pros of Holy Stone HS230 RC

  • Durably constructed to last a long time
  • LED navigation lights for night flights
  • Real time transmission/FPV
  • No FAA registration required
  • Can fly on headless mode
  • Good drone for beginners who do not wish to upgrade later
  • Very reasonable and affordable price

Cons of Holy Stone HS230 RC

  • No altitude hold/hover feature
  • Short flight time
  • Long charging time for batteries

In conclusion

The Holy Stone HS230 was created for true racers. Incredible speed and special features make this drone a real “hero”, the hero of your incredible photos made in the most fun or beautiful surroundings. It is an affordable drone as price, and good stocks that can be bought are offered by Amazon and Aliexpress. All you have to do is try to see how many features this little gadget offers.

Make a collection of incredible drones and include Holy Stone HS230.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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holy-stone-hs230-racing-quadcopter-review Even if drones were invented for other reasons, nowadays these gadgets have more qualities and are available for many more activities. The Holy Stone HS230 Racing Quadcopter Review will be a model example for one of the newest and most sought-after activities: racing. This...


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