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SG700 Wifi FPV Quadcopter Review

SG700 Wifi FPV Quadcopter

SG700 Wifi FPV Quadcopter is a budget machine equipped with the latest optical sensor technology. The optical flow position holding drones seems to be popular nowadays. With the SG700 Wifi FPV, you will get a decent budget drone with a lot of functionalities. This quadcopter is perfect for those novice drone pilots who want to try out this new hobby.

SG700 Wifi FPV with the optical sensor and the altitude hold function is easier to maneuver. The dual camera is a more convenient option to take interesting selfies. SG700 Wifi FPV is not just a selfie drone, but also a good source of fun. Piloting was never easier than the appearance of the optical sensors.
Can the second camera from the belly of the SG700 make decent photos or videos? Let’s find out the answer form a more detailed look at SG700 Wifi FPV Quadcopter.

SG700 Wifi FPV Quadcopter Review


  • Remote controller: 2.4G 4CH
  • Camera: 2.0MP
  • Control distance: About 80m
  • Drone battery: 3.7V 900mAh modularized lipo battery (included)
  • Flying time: about 8-10mins
  • Charging time: About 80mins

In The Box

  • 1 * SG700 Drone
  • 1* Remote Controller
  • 1 * 3.7V 900mAh Lipo Battery
  • 4 * Propeller Protector
  • 1 * USB charger
  • 4 * Spare Propeller
  • 1 * User Manual

The Look

SG700 Wifi FPV Quadcopter looks like very much as the DJI Spark. At least we know at first glance from where the design was inspired by. G700 Wifi FPV has foldable arms, it is very compact. You can carry on easily in a backpack, a smaller bag, or even in a larger pocket. The material of the quadcopter is a greatly durable plastic that survives even serious crashes. Probably the manufacturer knew that crashes can happen easily with an inexperienced pilot.

SG700 Wifi FPV Quadcopter is equipped with brushless, more efficient motors. On the frame, you can notice the front-facing camera that can be tilted manually in 45 degrees angle. The secondary camera is on the bottom that also plays the role of the optical sensor. The down-facing and the front-facing camera has a 2 MP resolution.

The bright LED lights on the arms and on the nose make the SG700 a good night time flyer.
On the back of the body, you will find the battery bay. The SG700 has a 3.7V 900mAh Lipo battery that has enough power to provide 8- 9 minutes of flight time. Charging up the battery takes about 80 minutes with the included USB cable.

The dimension of this DJI Spark clone is 280 mm long, 250 mm wide and 55 mm high when it’s unfolded. The folded dimensions are of course less 170 * 145 * 55mm. It is a portable little machine. SG700 feels a little heavier than the competitors at this category but not exaggeratedly. It weighs 147 grams.
SG700 comes with propeller guards and some extra caps in case you are not using the prop guards, you can plug them in the empty space.

SG700 Package

The Remote Controller

SG700 Wifi FPV Quadcopter has a remote controller with a special unique design. The oblong shape seems to be unusual at first sight, somewhat it reminds me of the DJI Spark controller. It has two foldable handles on the bottom, where you can put your smartphone in. The controller is lacking on and off buttons. In order to turn on the controller, you have to unfold the right phone holder arm at the bottom. Interesting solution. The remote controller also has two foldable antennas. The unit works with standard two AAA batteries.

On the controller, you will see a basic setup. Two joysticks for throttle and rudder and some function buttons. On the left-hand side near the joystick, you will notice the auto takeoff and landing, and the emergency stop buttons. On the upper corner, you see the speed rates button along with the one key return. SG700 has three-speed rates. On the right-hand side, you have the photo and video recording button, and at the upper corner, the headless mode and 3D flip buttons. The transmission range of the remote controller is about 80 meters.

SG700 Wifi FPV Black

Flight Performance & Features

In the air, SG700 is really stable thanks to the optical sensor that works also as a secondary camera. You can control the quadcopter with the dedicated app for smartphones or with the controller alone. For seeing the live FPV feed you will use your smartphone as a display for the camera picture. The interesting fact is that you can use both cameras for pictures and videos too. The FPV stream work on a 2.4 GHz WiFi signal in a range of about 80 meters in distance.

It seems that using the app and the remote controller at the same time, the quadcopter starts to drift away. This is an issue that a firmware upgrade or app upgrade can solve. Other than that SG700 is really fun to play with. It can perform 3D flips and on the higher speed rate seems to be agile as well. It has some advanced features too, like altitude hold, one key take of and landing, headless mode, and return to home function which basically means, that the drone will fly in the opposite direction from the takeoff position.

As a selfie drone, you can control simply with a smartphone, with the gyro sensor you can only tilt the phone at the direction where you want to fly. SG700 is responding to hand gestures. With a two-fingered “V” sign you can take photos instantaneously.


Overall speaking the new SG700 Wifi FPV is a good budget selfie drone. For under 50 price range you can’t expect any better quadcopter. With the optical flow sensor and the dual camera, you definitely will be satisfied. If you want to buy one, you can do it here or here, depending on where you live, and which online store is more convenient for you. SG700 is a great quadcopter that unquestionably worth its price.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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sg700-wifi-fpv-quadcopter-review SG700 Wifi FPV Quadcopter is a budget machine equipped with the latest optical sensor technology. The optical flow position holding drones seems to be popular nowadays. With the SG700 Wifi FPV, you will get a decent budget drone with a lot of functionalities. This...


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